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What Should You Consider When Purchasing a New Air Conditioner?

Summer has officially been here for a few weeks now, and boy have we been feeling it. Hopefully, your air conditioner has been functioning properly and you haven’t had any major problems. However, if you’ve had your system regularly maintained, and it’s aging and showing symptoms of that age, you might be considering an air conditioning replacement. If so, we’ve shared a few factors for you to consider before making your purchase.


With how much work our air conditioners go through during the summer, you want to ensure that it functions well. Purchasing a unit that’s not efficient enough for your home just doesn’t make sense. You’ll want to make sure that the unit is properly sized for your living space, first off. Too large of a system will short-cycle while too small of a system won’t adequately cool the space. Secondly, you’ll want to pay attention to the unit’s SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. This rating lets you know just how efficient a system is.


Before you shop for a new air conditioner, it’s important to have a clear idea of what your budgetary limits are. Typically, the more efficient an air conditioning system is, the more it is going to cost. However, the upfront cost can be offset by what you’ll save on a monthly basis. These are both very important factors to look into. If you don’t have the money for a high-efficiency unit, you will want to consider whether the month-to-month costs are going to put you overboard.

Type of System

Do you already have ductwork installed in your home? Then a central AC unit would likely make the most sense for you. However, if you’ve been relying on window units all this time and don’t have air ducts already installed in your home, then a ductless cooling system could make the most sense. Our professionals will be happy to discuss system options with you.

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