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Heating Repair & Maintenance in San Ramon, CA

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When your heater breaks down during a cold spell in San Ramon, CA, you need qualified professionals to get it back up and running. Get extensive heating repair services from the licensed technicians on the Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. team.

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What’s the problem? Do you have a heater that’s running up your utility bill, or perhaps it’s making strange noises? Either way, we can help!

Call Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. for heating repair services you can count on.


Heating Repair Services

Of course, in order to call for heating repair services, you first need to know that you have repair needs! When put in simple terms, the most obvious sign that you need to contact a pro to repair your furnace, heat pump, or boiler is when the level of comfort begins to decline. For instance, if you notice cold spots in your home while your heater is running, it’s time to call and find out what’s wrong.

There are other signs, though, that aren’t quite as apparent. For instance, your heater may continue to provide the warmth you want, but be suffering from internal malfunctions that can lead to more serious problems. If you hear strange noises that you haven’t before, that’s almost always a sign that something is amiss. Grinding, shrieking, or banging are all sounds that shouldn’t be ignored. Hissing is another one. The former suggests you have loose components while the latter coming from a heat pump can indicate a refrigerant leak.

Signs You Need Heater Repair

Booming sounds from a furnace are definitely not to be ignored. It usually means the blower is covered with grime and the burners are struggling to ignite as a result. Pretty much any unusual noises from your heater are reason enough to call the pros!

One last sign of heating repair needs to watch out for is a steep rise in energy bills with no explanation. Your bills will, of course, raise the more you use your heater. But, if they are much higher than last year, or compared to what your neighbors are paying, it can be a sign that your system isn’t performing as well as it once was.

Always Hire a Pro for Your Heater Repairs

Repairs for a heating system—whether it’s a boiler, heat pump, or ductless system—are not a place to experiment with "do-it-yourself" ideas. These are complex appliances and require precise and trained repairs. This is especially the case if they are gas-powered systems.

The hardest part of conducting heating repairs often is tracking down the source of the problem, since there are a number of potential causes behind a heater in disrepair. Once the problem is found though, you really do need a licensed and skilled technician on the job. That’s where we come in—give our team a call today for your heating repair needs!

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