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Heat Pump Services in San Ramon, CA

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Heat pumps are a great new way to provide your home with heating or cooling at extremely efficient energy-consumption rates. With the expert technicians from Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., you can get high quality heat pump services in San Ramon, CA for an affordable price.

  • We’ve served the East Bay and Tri-Valley areas since 2001.
  • We’re family-owned and operated.
  • Our technicians are licensed and insured.

We are certified experts on heat pump technology and all other HVAC systems. Contact our team to set up a comfort consultation so we can explore your options.

Call Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. for comprehensive heat pump services in San Ramon, CA.


Make Sure that Heat Pump Installation Proceeds Smoothly

Like a lot of heating and air conditioning systems, you want your heat pump to be installed the right way in your San Ramon, CA home. Otherwise, it will perform inefficiently from the get–go, forcing you to pay more in monthly expenses and raising the risk of a repair call. The good news is that heat pump installation can be performed the right way by the pros at Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.. We’ll make sure the new system fits in with your existing ductwork and other components, and if you’re performing a replacement instead of a new installation, we’ll get your old system removed promptly!

Combining Heat Pump Benefits with Solar Benefits

Have you been considering going solar, or are you already taking advantage of solar electricity? A heat pump system is beneficial for any San Ramon area homeowner, bringing efficiency and versatility to your home. 

With the state of California moving to eliminate fossil fuel power generation, including natural gas, solar electricity will help you bring even more efficiency to your heat pump and therefore lower your utility bills. Plus, you can sell your solar power back to your utility company if you generate more power from your solar panels than you use, which happens quite often in our climate during the winter months. 

Heat Pump Repair Differs from Air Conditioning Repair

Heat pumps operate according to the same basic principles as air conditioners, and some repair companies use that as an excuse to apply the same techniques to heat pump repair as they do to air conditioning repair. This can be a huge mistake. While heat pumps and air conditioners have some overlap, the systems differ in many key respects, so you’ll need a heat pump specialist in order to get your system running again. Contact the experts at Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. for quality heat pump repair in San Ramon. We apply detailed knowledge to fix the problem right, instead of relying on more generalized knowledge and hoping for the best.

Keep your System Running with Heat Pump Maintenance

If your heat pump runs into trouble in your San Ramon, CA home, Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. can fix it. But far better than repairing it would be to prevent those repairs in the first place, which is just one of the benefits of a timely maintenance session. The technician can also address all those little issues that rob your system of efficiency, helping to lower your monthly bills and extending the life of your heat pump in the bargain. We know the differences between heat pump maintenance and maintenance on other products, and you can trust us to do the job right every time. Give us a call to see what we can do!

Serving the East Bay and Tri Valley Areas Since 2001