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It’s Time to Replace Your Air Filter

ac-unit-and-clipboardIt’s now the end of September and you’re probably thinking to yourself that it’s finally time to stop worrying about your air conditioner. Well, we’re here to be the resonating voice of reason and tell you that’s not exactly true. We’ve got plenty of hot days left here in California, and if you don’t want your air conditioning in Danville, CA to struggle, you’ll need to keep paying close attention to it.

Here’s a question—when was the last time you replaced the air filter in your air conditioner? Has it been a few months? Did you even know that there’s an air filter located in your AC system?

Don’t panic, we get that sentiment all the time. What’s important is that you’ve landed on this blog post here and now. If you keep reading, we’ll talk about why it’s important to replace the air filter in your system on a regular basis.

Why Is There an Air Filter There?

It’s an enticing question to ask. What the heck is an air filter doing in your air conditioner? After all, shouldn’t the air filter be protecting the air you breathe instead of the air in your AC system? Well, yes and no.

It definitely doesn’t hurt that a filter is in your air conditioner since it does help the quality of your indoor air. However, the air filter’s main purpose is to protect the sensitive parts of your air conditioner from dust and debris. Sensitive components like the coils need to be protected, otherwise, they’ll end up caked in a layer of contaminants that harm their ability to cool your home. The air filter is a necessary component of the air conditioning process. If you’d like a personal air filter to protect your indoor air quality and your health, that’s a different piece of equipment entirely (which we can help you acquire!).

How Do I Replace It?

This is simple. The air filter is located in the return air duct, where air is taken into your AC system to be cooled. You’ll have to determine whether your AC uses disposable air filters or a reusable one since you’ll be responsible for taking the right measures to ensure it’s cleaned or replaced. Disposable air filters can be picked up at certain stores or through our team, and reusable air filters can just be rinsed off and reinserted where they were. Make sure your system is off when completing this process, and also make sure that it faces the right way when you put it back in!

The Benefits of Replacing Your Air Filter

Air filters help keep your air conditioner working efficiently. They increase the lifespan of the system and allow it to operate in peak condition for a longer period of time. When the air filter is neglected, your system can become desperate for fresh air that isn’t clogged with contaminants. It will start consuming more energy to provide the same level of cooling power and you’ll ultimately pay more in repairs and operating costs. Do yourself and your Danville, CA, home a favor and replace the air filter today.

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