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Make Sure That You Change Your Air Filter Frequently

clean-air-filterThe rest of the country might be preparing for heating season, but we have some warm weather left to deal with before our heating season arrives. It’s important that you make sure that your air conditioner is still in the best possible condition for the next few weeks.

There is one specific part of your air conditioner that you should make sure is working properly, especially with the recent wildfires all over the state. That part is the air filter.

What the Air Filter Does

The air filter sits in the air conditioner’s return air duct, and is responsible for protecting the system from contaminants commonly found in the ducts of the average home. The filter captures dust and debris before they can make it into the system, ensuring that the air conditioner actually circulates cleaner air than the air that enters it. While the filter does its job well, it does have one major problem: the filter has no way of getting rid of the contaminants it captures. If the filter is not replaced often enough, it will eventually become clogged.

Clogged Air Filters

A clogged air filter causes a number of problems for the air conditioner it’s supposed to protect. The biggest issue is that a clogged air filter will block most of the airflow from entering the system. The less air flowing into the air conditioner, the less air the system will be able to cool and circulate. This cuts down on the air conditioner’s output capacity significantly. Prolonged periods of time spent in this state can also put added strain on the system, making it more likely to break down and shortening its lifespan. These are hefty consequences for allowing such an easily solved problem to go unattended. If you want to prevent this kind of thing from happening, all you need to do is make sure that you change the air filter every three months. If you aren’t sure which filter needs to be installed in the system, consult with your air conditioner manufacturer, or with a professional contractor.

Changing Your Air Filter

Fortunately for you, this problem is easy to fix if you have a replacement filter on-hand. To start, have a look at your air conditioner and look for the air return duct. This is the point at which the duct meets the body of the system. Once you’ve found the air return vent, look for the cover on it that protects the air filter. Open that cover, and pull the old air filter out. Make note of the direction the arrows on the rim of the filter are pointing. Insert the new air filter, making sure that the arrows are pointing in the same direction. Once that is done, close the cover. That’s all you need to do! Just make sure that you do this every three months or so to make sure the filter stays clear.

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