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Wind Your AC Down the Right Way


Are you getting ready to pull your heater out of hibernation and “put your air conditioner away?” Well, before you do that, we’re glad you got to this post. Hold your horses!

Air conditioners should be taken care of when they’re forced to wait for an entire season. After all, you do want your system to be in great shape when you take out next year, right? If you treat it poorly or just put it away hastily without taking note of the issues it’s been causing you, then you’re just going to run into the same problems down the line. Take it from us, your specialists for all things HVAC in Walnut Creek, CA that your air conditioner should be taken care of the right way at the end of the season.

Keep reading for some of our special AC hibernation tips to follow!

Tip #1: Keep Things Clean

This might sound like us being nitpicky but we promise we’re serious. Your air conditioner’s outdoor unit is going to go through a lot this winter. It’s going to get pelted with rain, snow, sleet, hail, leaves, pebbles, dirt, dust, critters, and practically anything else you can think of that exists outdoors. The least you could do is clean about two feet on either side of the system to allow keep things from becoming problematic down the line.

Tip #2: Invest in AC Repairs Now

Air conditioner repairs don’t magically go away from season to season. Just because you made it out of this season without needing to pay for anything expensive, doesn’t mean it’s not going to be there when you pull your AC out of hibernation next year. If you simply can’t afford a repair right now then we understand, but if you can, it’s going to be much better to get it done now before you forget about it next year. Trust us, early repairs are always better than late or never!

Tip #3: Keep Your Ducts in Good Shape

It’s likely if you’ve got a forced-air heater that your heating system will be using the same ducts that your air conditioner uses. This means that when you’re putting away your air conditioner for the year, you can’t just forget about all its components—your heater will be struggling with the same ducts! Get your ducts tested or sealed so that you never have to worry about a struggling heater or air conditioner, no matter the season.

Tip #4: Change Out the Air Filter

We get it, your air filter doesn’t really matter right now since your air conditioner isn’t going to be running anymore. But what happens next year when you turn it on again for the first time? All that dirt, debris, pet dander, dust, and anything else in your air is going to still be stuck in your air filter. If you’re living in Walnut Creek, CA, why not give your future self a break by changing out your air filter now so that you don’t have to deal with the consequences of forgetting about it later.

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