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Yep, It’s Time to Replace Your AC

AC-unit-and-cash-pileWhen was the last time you considered the age of your air conditioner? No, we’re not trying to stress you out. Air conditioners have a lifespan but many homeowners don’t know that. Just like a car that has several hundred miles on the odometer, if you depend on it for travel, you might need to look at replacing it with a more reliable car. Your air conditioner is no different.

AC systems last anywhere between 10-15 years in the best of cases. Unless you’re a wizard, once you pass that 15-year mark, you’ll start paying more out of pocket for repair costs, lowered efficiency, and breakdowns. That’s why we’re writing this blog, to talk about some of the noticeable signs that AC repair in San Ramon might not cut it, and it might be time to have the system replaced entirely.

Signs of Impending AC Doom

When your air conditioner starts needing a replacement, the signs can range anywhere from subtle, like the age or price tag on your energy bill, to more overt, like the sounds it makes or the poor quality of cooling you get from it. Sometimes, constantly calling for AC repair is not going to cut it—you might need a replacement.

  • Poor cooling power. Your air conditioner has one job above all others—to keep your home cool and comfortable. If it can’t do this job right, then what’s the point of having an AC? When air conditioners age, they get less effective and have trouble doing the same job they’ve been doing for years. If you’re experiencing this with your air conditioner, call our team today for replacement services.
  • Age. Air conditioners are meant to last only about 15 years. Anything beyond that point is a gamble, and you’re better off cutting your losses and investing in a replacement system before you start experiencing some of the problems with an aging air conditioner.
  • Inefficiency. Air conditioners aren’t just supposed to keep your home cool and comfortable, they’re supposed to do it by consuming as little energy as possible to do the job. If your system is rattling around, sucking up all the energy in your home, and doing a subpar job, then it’s just not working as efficiently as it should be. This is a problem, and regardless of whether you’ve ignored it in the past, it’s only going to get worse.
  • High bills. An inefficient air conditioner consumes more energy than an efficient one. This is just the way the world works. If you’re starting to get nervous about the price on your energy bill, then you might better off nipping this in the bud and signing up for replacement services.
  • Frequency and cost of repairs. An aging air conditioner requires more repairs, more frequently than a newer system. This can be both a hassle for you and expensive to go through over and over again. A replacement system won’t nearly bother you as much as your older one.

Give Us a Call

Replacement services should only be completed by a team of professionals if you want it to last. Calling our team ensures you have the right crew on the job.

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