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customer-and-a-technicianLet’s say that your air conditioner breaks down on one of the hottest days of the year and you have the option of having it fixed by an amateur or a pro. Who do you choose? Obviously, the amateur has a cheaper price tag for their service, and sometimes they might be a family member so you can trust them, right? Wrong!

Professional service isn’t just premium with a premium price tag—it’s more reliable and comes with a clear set of advantages that homeowners don’t realize enough. When you pay for professionals with the right training and expertise, you’re paying for better service, and you’re bound to get better results!

If you’re in the market for AC repair in San Ramon, CA and you’re choosing between cheap, amateur service, and professional attention, choose the latter. If you keep reading, we’ll tell you why.

What to Expect?

Professional service functions on a whole different level than its amateur counterpart. When you sign up with a professional technician, what you’re actually getting is leagues of experience, the right set of equipment, a steady pair of hands, and more. We’re not trying to brag, we’re trying to tell you that your air conditioner is an investment, and it’s important to value it as such and only make sure that the right people you trust are inspecting or fixing it. Take a look at the difference professional service provides.


When you’re signing up for air conditioning repair, there’s a lot that needs to be mastered in order to provide comprehensive service. Technicians need to be well-acquainted with refrigerant, electrical components, tubes and wires, and much more. This requires lots of training, education, and eventually certifications and degrees that can mean a world of difference between a pro and an amateur. Ask your prospective contractor about their qualifications, and if they’re good, they’ll tell you about them in great detail.


Not every AC problem is the same. Your home and comfort needs are unique, and it takes a pro with exceptional experience to get to the bottom of your specific problem. Some amateurs might have worked on a few air conditioners, but you have no guarantee that they’re experienced in your specific problem. With companies like ours, we’re a team of specialists who are devoted to fixing and improving air conditioners. It’s quite rare for any of our team members to not have experience with your unique problem.


This is the biggest point we have to make. When you sign up for amateur service, you’re not sure what you’re getting in the long run. You could have your air conditioner fixed today, but a few weeks later it might break down again. There are no guarantees and no promises that they can make you that are backed up by anything.

With professional service, we have a company reputation on the line. We’ve got years of experience and expertise on our backs when we fix your air conditioner, so if we’re going to perform repairs, they’re going fix your system for as long as we possibly can. This saves money in the long run and will keep you happier, longer.

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