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Leaky Ducts Are a BIG Problem

Having leaky ducts in your home might not sound like that big of a deal, but they are. While people associate plumbing leaks with mold growth and other terrible consequences, what can be so bad about air leaking from your ducts? Well, this can be an expensive problem that will give you some headaches down the line.

Leaking air can stress your air conditioner and heater out, it can raise your energy bills substantially, and also cause your home to feel less comfortable. All that conditioned air you’re paying for could be flying right out of your home from under your nose without duct sealing in San Ramon, CA.

Not only do we want to talk about why leaking ducts are bad, but we also want to talk about why duct sealing services are so good! Keep reading to find out.

The Problems with Leaky Ducts

If your ducts are leaking, then chances are you’re dealing with one of these many problems listed below. Ducts aren’t just some simple issue that you can ignore; a systematic leak in your ductwork could be actively harming your home comfort in multiple ways.

  • Poor efficiency. What do you think happens to the heat or air conditioning when it leaks out of your air ducts? It goes to areas of your home that don’t need that temperature control, like your basement, crawl spaces, attic, or other areas where you’re probably not spending the majority of your time. This means your system has to work harder to produce the temperatures you desire, and you’re paying for the increased energy or fuel consumption. Leaky ducts can cause a dramatic decrease in efficiency of up to 30%!
  • Poor comfort. When all the conditioned air is headed for the deserted areas of your home, it leaves the places you do spend most of your time more uncomfortable. An air conditioner simply can’t cool your home during the summer if much of the cooled air is leaking from your ducts.
  • An adverse effect on your air quality. When more air is leaking from your air ducts, you’ll see a decline in air quality. A lot of the materials that would normally either get caught in vents or stuck in air filters are now being cycled throughout your home more often. You’ll see more dust, debris, and germs sent through your home and HVAC system.
  • A struggling HVAC system. As air leaks from your ducts and your home becomes less comfortable, you’ll see a heavier burden placed on your heater and your air conditioner. With a drafty home comes the need for your HVAC system to work harder which is never good when it comes to the efficiency and longevity of the system. You’ll likely see an early replacement and some expensive repair bills down the line.

Duct Sealing Is an Easy Solution

Duct sealing services are simple. We can go into your ductwork without harming it, and seal up any holes, leaks, gaps, or tears that might be there using pressurized equipment. After this, you’ll see all of the noticeable improvements that come from sealed ducts.

Contact Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. for duct sealing services today!

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