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Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. - Duct Sealing

Duct Sealing Services in San Ramon, CA by Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

When was the last time you had your ducts professionally checked? What about the last time you thought about your ducts at all? Probably not recently, if you’re like most people. Ducts are designed not to draw attention to them, which is great for aesthetics but bad for keeping them in good condition. Most people think that ducts don’t even need professional maintenance. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Ducts require all kinds of repair and maintenance services in order to keep operating properly. If you neglect them, you are setting yourself up for all sorts of problems down the road. If you need duct sealing services, call Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.. We offer a full range of duct sealing services throughout San Ramon, CA.

If you need duct sealing services in San Ramon, CA, and throughout the East Bay and Tri Valley areas, call Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

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Why Duct Sealing Is Necessary

Ducts are actually incredibly vulnerable to problems like leaks, even from years of normal use. If mistakes made during installation don’t open up gaps in the ducts, years of expanding and contracting with the temperature changes will. Over the years, the average ductwork will develop quite a few leaks. While the individual leaks in the ducts are often small, they tend to add up over time.

The US Department of energy has estimated that the average forced air climate control system loses as much as 30% of its total output to duct leaks. That’s nearly a third of the total output that you’re paying for that is going to waste. Your forced air systems have to work harder to affect the same temperature changes, making your home less comfortable and costing you more money.

The Process of Duct Sealing

First and foremost, you need to have your ducts tested before getting them sealed. This allows your HVAC technician to pinpoint the location of the leaks that need to be sealed. We offer duct testing services as well, which you can find information on elsewhere on this site.

Once the leaks in your ducts are identified, they are often painted over with a substance called "mastic." Mastic is a type of epoxy that, once dry, is flexible enough to move with the ducts but stiff enough to seal the leak properly. The mastic will occasionally be supplemented by regulation duct tape. This is duct tape with a metallic layer, which makes it better at sealing leaks. Common duct tape is actually terrible for sealing ducts, ironically enough.

Call Us for Professional Duct Sealing Services

Duct leaks are not one–time occurrences. They will continue to appear over time as you use your ducts. So, it’s not enough to get your ducts sealed one time. You should have your ducts checked at least once a year in order to make sure that new leaks do not appear.

Duct sealing is something that should only ever be trusted to professionals. Since it requires a lot of expertise and special tools, this isn’t something you can really do yourself. Call Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. and we’ll handle all of your duct sealing needs for you.

Satisfied Customers

I'm supporting a local family business and I would recommend Comfy to my family and friends. Genuinely a very nice and hard-working team!

~ Natalie E. Danville, CA

Do not hesitate in trusting these people with your heating! HIGHLY recommend! Fast, polite, and great service!!!

~ Richard V. San Lorenzo, CA

The owner really cares about his business and customers. I found an issue with my heater and within two days they came out and fixed the problem free at cost.

~ Tom L. San Ramon, CA

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