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Your Guide for Dealing with Mild Summers

technician-shaking-hands-with-customerNot many people outside of the Bay Area understand just how mild our climate is. They think “Oh, California, that means scorching hot temperatures for half of the year,” but that’s really not even close. Our summers can get a little warm and humid, but not nearly as hot as notorious locations in Southern California, and our winters still hit with a strong chill. That means the name of the game here is finding appropriate HVAC equipment that can help your home deal with mild temperatures.

So today, apart from our usual talk about air conditioners, we’re going to talk about what type of technology is best suited for dealing with a mild climate, and how you can more efficiently and affordably make your home comfortable throughout the whole year. Whether that’s with a central AC through our AC services in Alameda, CA, or through the purchase of a new heat pump, the choice is ultimately yours!

High-Tech Solutions

Whether or not you want to deal with our climate with more conventional technology, or a more advanced, high-tech solution is entirely up to you. We just want to start this blog post off by saying that there are absolutely solutions out there and you should take advantage of them! Take a look below at some of the more effective ways to keep your home comfortable each year.

Heat Pumps

One of the more recent solutions to our weather is the use of heat pump technology. These systems are incredibly effective for homeowners who live in climates with mild winters and summers that require air conditioning. Yes, you heard us, this system can both deal with winters and summers, completely eliminating your need for a furnace or other heating system. Heat pumps run almost identically to an air conditioner, cycling refrigerant through evaporator and condenser coils, effectively moving heat from the inside of your home to the outside. While this is effective during the summer, you’d like that heat to stay in your home during the winter, right?

Well, heat pumps can also function in reverse! By flipping the reversing switch, a heat pump will cycle in the opposite direction, drawing heat from the outside and dispersing it within your home! Keep in mind that this process gets more energy-intensive the lower your outside temperatures are, but thankfully here in the Bay Area, we don’t need to worry about temperatures getting too low.

Ductless Heat Pumps

The only problem with heat pumps is that many of them use air ducts to distribute the air within your home. Not to worry, there are ductless heat pumps, also called ductless mini splits, that work as air handlers that can be mounted anywhere in your home. This also allows you to customize your cooling, keeping certain rooms colder or warmer than others, based on your specific home preferences. So, if your home is too small or old for ductwork to be installed, and you’re looking for an effective method of year-round comfort, consider having a ductless mini split system installed!

Don’t let the climate bother you. Call the team at Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. for a solution that fits your home!

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