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Curb Emissions and Save Money With a Heat Pump

It’s no secret that our consumption of electricity at home has dramatically increased over the past few decades. A home in the 1980s used far less electricity than a home today, now that we have access to so many helpful and nifty devices that keep our lives productive, fun, and healthy. Your HVAC system is part of that list of appliances, and many HVAC systems run competently on electricity to the point where we’re seeing a bit of an energy revolution in the HVAC industry.

Heat pumps are one of the newest and most popular types of heating systems in the country. Our team provides high-quality heating installation in Lafeyette, CA, including the complete setup of heat pump systems.

We’d like to discuss why heat pumps can help curb your emissions and lead to a cleaner, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient lifestyle.

Why Heat Pumps Are an Environmentally-Friendly Choice

Here are three great reasons why a heat pump could help curb carbon emissions and help your home stay energy efficient.

  1. Heat pumps are efficient on their own. Without going into the way our energy grid works and how electricity is efficient, heat pump systems do a phenomenal job of keeping a home comfortable at an affordable cost. They’re some of the most efficient cooling and heating systems on the market, so right off the bat, the technology is worth the price of a heat pump. Check out the SEER and HSPF ratings of heat pumps to get a good idea of just how efficient they are.
  2. Heat pumps use electricity from the energy grid. Our energy grid gets fueled by a number of different sources. Depending on your local municipality, wind, solar, and hydroelectric power could be providing some of the electrical energy to your home. This means that your heat pump is providing comfortable temperatures with the help of renewable and sustainable energy choices.
  3. Heat pumps work extremely well in mild climates. Nobody feels good turning on the furnace to run at full blast on a 60-degree day. But sometimes, when you feel chilly, that’s the only option. Right? Well, heat pumps can keep your home comfortable at an extremely low cost in mild climates like ours.

Electrical Heating Is a Great Option

Like we mentioned before, electrical heating systems have always been a great option for homes since their invention. Our energy grid is getting more efficient and fueled by more sustainable sources every year, which means that you can feel good knowing that your heat pump isn’t using fossil fuel like gas or oil.

Call Us Today to Invest in a Heat Pump

We could talk for hours about the efficiency and effectiveness of a heat pump system, but the truth is that most homeowners already know how great they are. The important thing we want to highlight is that you can get yourself a heat pump at an affordable cost when you call our team of professionals. We installed and service heat pumps locally, and we can help you take advantage of tax credits, rebates, and other incentives to cut the price of an efficient system like this.

Call Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. to invest in a heat pump system today!

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