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Change Your Oil Heater to a Natural Gas System

Back in the day, oil heaters were some of the most reliable systems on the market. To a certain extent, they’re not all bad. If you’ve just purchased a new home with an oil heater that’s only a few years old, then we’d advise you to at least give it a chance before getting it replaced. But you’re likely going to see high heating prices and a more difficult time getting repairs and oil deliveries for your home.

At this point, almost half of the entire United States population uses natural gas heating systems. They’re effective, efficient, and clean-burning. Heaters that use electricity are the second most common heating system, followed by oil and propane. What we’re trying to say is that there’s a general trend of people moving away from oil-burning heating systems, and towards more efficiently operating HVAC in Livermore, CA.

Let’s talk about this in better detail!

Avoid the Higher Costs of Oil

The United States imports most of its heating oil from Canada and other countries where it’s more plentiful. This means that the cost of heating oil can fluctuate depending on international markets and what’s going on in the world. This can be incredibly frustrating for homeowners in our area that want a more stable heating fuel source.

In comparison, natural gas is more widely found in the United States and is produced and distributed by local municipalities. Gas lines run throughout towns and cities to homes that can use them. Natural gas costs are way less likely to fluctuate as much as oil or even electricity since it’s an incredibly stable and locally produced source of fuel.

Even with all of that information aside, natural gas is still cheaper in most areas of the country than oil. You’re generally going to see a higher heating bill no matter what if you’ve got an oil heater instead of a natural gas-powered one. We think it’s time you finally made the switch.

Natural Gas is Efficient

If you were to compare two recently installed furnaces, one powered by natural gas and the other by oil, you’d already notice that the oil heater runs at a much higher cost of operation. We’re not just talking about the fuel source, we’re talking about cleaning and maintenance.

Oil heaters require constant maintenance and cleaning in order to run efficiently. Natural gas furnaces, while still requiring some maintenance, require a lot less maintenance, cleaning, and assessment than oil heaters. Add a little wear and tear to this equation and it’s easy to see why you should make the switch to a natural gas heater.

Never Wait for a Delivery Again

We didn’t even mention the fact that oil needs to be delivered to your home in a truck! This is incredibly inconvenient and doesn’t make sense for a lot of homeowners with jobs that require traveling or who need their homes to be constantly attended to. With a natural gas line installed directly into your home, you have consistent access to natural gas without the need for a middle man.

Need more information? Call Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. to discuss replacing your oil heater with a natural gas furnace.

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