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Your Thermostat, Your AC, and You

Ever heard the saying good things come in pairs? Well, that’s certainly the case when it comes to your home’s temperature control systems. Thermostats and air conditioners are a dynamic duo designed to maintain your comfort by delivering cool air at your earliest need. Each with their own specific role, these units operate hand in hand to mitigate a variety of outdoor and indoor conditions.

What Does An AC Do?

Air conditioning units are built with the purpose of generating cool air. They work by actively sourcing warm air from interior spaces and removing its heat, then expelling the cooled air back into the room. This process of heat removal is made possible by a refrigerant, which evaporates and condenses to complete the cooling loop. 

How Does A Thermostat Work?

A thermostat is a device that’s used to monitor and regulate temperature. By detecting changes in temperature, a thermostat is able to activate and deactivate your air conditioner as needed to maintain a comfortable temperature. In order to do this, thermostats rely on sensors that detect heat. These sensors then communicate with the air conditioner to turn it on or off, depending on the temperature reading.

What’s The Difference Between The Two?

The roles of these systems are best differentiated by the analogy that the AC is the muscle, and the thermostat is the brain.

Air conditioners are responsible for generating cool air, while thermostats monitor and regulate temperature. In order for an AC to turn on and begin cooling your home, it needs to receive a signal from a thermostat telling it to do so. This signal is sent when the thermostat detects a change in temperature, whether that be an increase in heat (signaling the AC to turn on) or a decrease in heat (signaling the AC to turn off).

How Do They Work Together?

While both devices are essential to maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home, they each have unique roles. Your air conditioner can’t function without a thermostat, and vice versa. Without an AC you wouldn’t have cool air, and without a thermostat your AC would run non-stop, wasting energy and driving up your utility bills.

In order for your home’s temperature control system to work properly, both the air conditioner and thermostat must be functioning correctly. Given how important each are to one another’s value, it’s essential to address any problems with either system head-on. Doing so will position you to better diagnose any potential problems as well as improve your home’s ability to control interior temperatures with efficiency.

If you’re having trouble with either unit, it’s best to consult a professional HVAC technician. They’ll be able to diagnose the problem and get your home’s temperature back under control in no time.

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