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Pay Attention to These Water Heater Noises

Water heaters are a vital part of our daily lives. We work on them day in and day out, so we know just how much homeowners depend on them. That means that any issues that surface with a water heater should be addressed as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could see yourself taking a cold shower on the one day you wish you had hot water.

Luckily, many water heater woes can actually be detected by homeowners. We urge people to pay attention to noises that a water heater might make, or for other issues like leaks and puddles so that you can act appropriately and call a professional for water heater service in San Ramon, CA.

From popping sounds to other ticking noises, a water heater can tell you exactly how it’s feeling with the exclamations it makes at night.

Common Water Heater Noises

Just because the following noises are common, doesn’t mean they are good! Your water heater should function with minimal sound, giving you the hot water you want in relative silence. If you’re waking up each night to some strange water heater noises, it’s better to be safe than sorry and call a professional ASAP.


Sometimes sediment can build up inside your water heater, especially if the anode rod has not been replaced. When this happens, strange things can start to happen to your water heater, including noises that signify it’s having trouble. A popping noise can occur when water is bubbling up through the sediment to reach your pipe system. Make sure you get your system addressed before this problem becomes even worse and your hot water access is affected.


Your hot water needs to be kept at a specific pressure, which can be messed up by sediment or other strange things that affect your water heater. If your system’s water pressure starts to fluctuate, it could present itself as a ticking noise that needs to be addressed.


Sizzling can occur in a couple of different ways. For starters, sizzling is usually a clue that water is leaking from the tank, especially onto a burner. This sound can be similar to the sound of a coffee maker dripping coffee on the burner instead of the coffee pot. Also, if the temperature of the water is too high, it will force the release valve to open and you’ll hear this hissing or sizzling noise that can be offputting. Get this repaired quickly before you waste more energy or your system leaks.

Hammer or Knock

When water runs into a solid surface and gets halted abruptly, it usually makes a knocking or hammer sound. That’s because there’s a lot of pressure and force being enacted on a solid object, much like the sound of a brick hitting a wall. This can be devastating to your water heater because water is not supposed to keep running into surfaces or getting abruptly halted. Eventually, your system will wear down and start causing problems. Get this sound addressed by calling for a professional today.

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