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Low Airflow: What It Means and Why It’s Bad

Every air conditioner in existance is a “forced-air” cooling system, while heating systems can be forced-air or radiant. The difference is the fact that a forced-air system relies on cooling or heating the air in your home and sending it through ductwork or equipment to the rooms of your home. Without proper airflow, it becomes nearly impossible for your home to cool effectively.

So, if we’re going to evaluate the condition, efficiency, and reliability of your air conditioning system, we need to talk about the airflow in your home.

Do you feel like cool air can get to every corner of your home? Or are you only huddling in the living room on hot days because that’s the only space that can reliably get cool? If the second option sounds more realistic then you might need our help with AC repair in San Ramon, CA.

Airflow Is an Essential Part of Air Conditioning

Your air conditioner can’t just automatically cool different parts of your home. Unless you’ve got a ductless mini split system with individual air handlers in each room, your centralized unit is going to need to blow the air through your air ducts and cool off the vital parts of your house.

We can’t stress enough how important airflow is to the comfort of your home. If you’re not feeling cooler temperatures in certain rooms but you are feeling it in others, then the difference is that something is allowing air to blow into the cool room while stopping the air from entering the other room. If your air conditioner is sized correctly, it should reach all areas of your home easily.

So, the problem becomes locating the reason behind poor airflow throughout your house.

Problems With Your Blower System

Your blower system is an intricate fan that propels the air through the ductwork and into the areas of your home. If you’re not feeling any breeze coming from your vents, then you might have an issue with your blower system and the fan not being able to push the cooled air to where it needs to go. This is a big deal and should be repaired ASAP!

Issues With Ductwork

Ductwork represents the pathway that air needs to take in order for it to properly cool off your home. Think about it–if there’s a gap in a section of your ductwork, the air is going to escape into an area of your home where you can’t feel it, like a crawlspace, the basement, or the attic.

Make sure you get your ductwork inspected when you think there’s something that might be inhibiting the airflow in your home.

Blocked or Broken Air Vents

Air vents represent the final path the air needs to take in order for you to feel comfortable. If you just moved furniture around to improve the look or appeal of your home, then you might have accidentally blocked an air vent. Or, you could have a broken air vent that won’t open no matter what you do. In that case, call our team for support.

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