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5 Common AC Problems to Know About

One misconception that homeowners sometimes have about their air conditioners is the fact that a high-quality AC unit doesn’t need repairs. This is patently false, and we can say with a huge amount of certainty that pretty much every air conditioner is going to need to be fixed at least once or twice in its lifespan. This is just the nature of things. Just like your car, mechanical systems that we use often will need to be fixed because of the amount of stress we place on them.

So, how about instead of being surprised by that air conditioning repair in Livermore, CA, you work together with us to learn more about your system and prepare for it? If you read this blog post, you might have a better understanding of some of the common problems that AC systems encounter, and how a professional will be able to help you.

1. Ice Growing on the Condenser

First, let’s start with an obvious problem that can be easy to detect. If you notice ice growing on the condenser coil of your air conditioner, which is the outside component, then know that you’ve got a pretty serious problem that needs to be repaired by a pro. Ice is not used in the cooling process and it more than likely means that your system is having trouble sending the cooled air through your air ducts and into your home. This problem can be caused by a refrigerant leak, a clogged air filter, or a whole host of other issues that a pro needs to take care of.

2. Lukewarm Air Coming From the Vents

If you hold your hand up to the air vents in your home, you should feel cool, comfortable air coming from it. Otherwise, your AC just isn’t running as it should be. Lukewarm air can be a signal that something is wrong, from a refrigerant leak to an issue with your thermostat.

3. A Short Cycling System

Does your air conditioner run in short, abrupt cycles every few minutes? Then it’s likely suffering from a problem called “short cycling.” This issue can cause an immense amount of stress on certain components of the system and will lead to higher than average energy bills as your system struggles to run efficiently. Take note of how long each cycle is and relay that information to a professional when you call for repairs.

4. Strange Noises Come From the Unit

Noises can be a clear sign that something is wrong with your air conditioner. If it’s making a hissing or bubbling sound, rattling, grinding, or even just buzzing loudly, then you can call our team for help. These sounds almost always require professional attention.

5. No Air Is Coming From the Vents

If your air vents aren’t sending any cool air through them even though your air conditioner seems to be on, then that’s a sign that something is wrong. It can usually be targeted to the blower fan, since that component is responsible for sending cooled air through the vents and into the rooms of your home.

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