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3 Noises You Should Never Neglect

Do you hear that? It’s your AC telling you that it’s time for a repair.

Air Conditioning units can make a range of strange noises, each of which can indicate a different problem. But how do you gauge what and how serious the problem is? In this article, we’ll review the three most common dysfunctional sounds ACs make and what they mean for your unit’s health.

1. Hissing And Bubbling

Hissing and bubbling sounds are a common problem in the world of air conditioners and can indicate a wide range of issues. The most common however will usually have something to do with the unit’s refrigerant, which is the substance it uses to cool the air it processes.

A leak in the refrigerant line will cause hissing sounds as gaseous refrigerant exits the system and bubbling noises as the air gets in. Leaking Freon poses a serious health hazard if inhaled, so it’s important to address the issue as soon as possible. Leaks are usually due to old age and wear and tear on the unit and can be fixed by patching up the hole or sealing it completely.

2. Rattling

Rattling is a pretty straightforward sound to understand.  It means something is loose inside the unit and is banging around as it operates. The problem with this noise is that it could be caused by anything from a simple screw being loose to something more major like a damaged fan blade.

If you hear rattling, it’s best to shut off the unit and take a look inside. Chances are it will be an easy fix, but if you’re not sure what’s causing the problem it’s always best to call a professional. Remember that the longer you allow the rattling to go on, the more chance there is of serious damage being done to the unit.

3. Buzzing

Buzzing is a common sound for electric-powered units. After all, with so many connected parts, it’s not difficult for something to go wrong. If the noise is coming from the outdoor compressor/condenser, it’s likely that a component is loose. Check to see if any bolts or screws are missing or need to be tightened.  

If the noise is coming from the indoor air handler, it’s most likely a problem with the wiring. Wiring problems can vary in cause, but will often have to do with a frayed or broken wire. This is a serious problem, as it can lead to electrical shorts, fires, and other damages. If you hear this kind of noise coming from your AC, it’s best to call a professional for help.

If your air conditioner makes any of these three noises, it’s time for a repair. Don’t wait until the problem gets worse, as that could lead to further damage or even complete failure of the unit. Call a professional and get your AC back to working condition.

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