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Is Central Air Conditioning a Good Investment?

Central AC is the standard type of air conditioning in most homes throughout the United States, but it’s no longer the only option. With heat pumps, ductless mini splits, and other ways to cool your home, it begs the question: is central air conditioning a good investment?

Central AC still has its place and may be the better solution depending on how you like to cool your home. Let’s talk about the investment benefits and setbacks of going with central air conditioning.

Consistent, Even Cooling

When you use central air conditioning, you get an even level of cooling all across your home. If the idea of individual zones with a ductless AC system doesn’t sound appealing to you, and you don’t care for fine-tuned control, central AC works best.

You evenly cool the home simply by installing a smart thermostat, or just setting and forgetting the temperature of your choice. Your home attempts to keep your temperature at that level and you don’t have to do much. Less control means less energy efficiency, though.

Lack of Noise

Central air conditioning units are quiet to operate. If you don’t want to know your AC is on, a central unit will stay quiet enough to not bother you at all. While you can sometimes hear the cabinet roar to life, it’s not loud enough to be frustrating and it quiets down shortly after the initial startup.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Central air conditioning pulls air from your whole house. While it usually only has a single air intake, the air pressure in your home changes as it pulls air out and pushes more in from your vents. Gradually, the air moves through your home and particles get trapped in the filter so you don’t end up breathing them in.

But There Are Downsides, Too

While central AC is great, there are a few instances where it’s not the best. Let’s talk about those so you fully know what you’re getting yourself into.

  • Lengthy Installation Process: Because of the amount of ductwork required during installation, getting central installed for the first time can be a rather lengthy process.
  • Higher Energy Bills: Because of heat pumps and mini splits, central AC is no longer the most energy-efficient option. It offers less control which may result in higher bills compared to other options.
  • More Possible Problems: Ductwork introduces more problems. Your ducts don’t need annual maintenance, but they do need to be tested, sealed, and occasionally cleaned. Your AC can work fine, but if your ductwork has issues, it can be harder to diagnose and pinpoint the problem.

Central AC is Still King

Central air conditioning is still fantastic and useful for most homes, it just depends on your cooling habits, preferences, and energy goals. While it’s not the most energy-efficient option, a zone control system can help with that. Contact us today to learn more about how to cool your home with a central AC unit.

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