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Uncommon AC Repair Problems You Can’t Afford to Ignore


Your air conditioner breaks down from time to time when a part gives out. A common repair, and something you may even expect, is the occasional compressor replacement or maybe some replacement wiring. Those are what usually come to mind first, but there are so many other problems your AC can run into.

With your HVAC in Alameda, you might encounter some slightly odd issues that may not even cross your mind when you think of air conditioner repair. Let’s talk about those now.

Water Damage From an External Source

When water damage happens in your AC, it can be due to backup in the condensate line, or water pooling in your AC cabinet outside. But it can also come from an entirely different source.

If you have a water leak somewhere in your home, it can impact your air conditioner. Leaks from a bathroom or kitchen, depending on where they are in accordance with your air intake vent and AC wiring, can cause short-circuiting or destroy parts of your AC entirely.

It’s uncommon, but not something you should rule out. Water damage can inadvertently impact your air conditioner with mold growth, mildew, instability in the home due to damaged floorboards and walls, or electrical damage.

Your AC Cabinet Foundation Turns Into Jack Dawson

Your air conditioner cabinet is the outdoor unit that whirrs to life when your thermostat decides it needs to cool down your house. That cabinet sits on a concrete slab to keep it from sinking into the ground called a foundation.

Sometimes, the slab can sink into the ground anyway. That leads to problems with your air conditioner’s ability to drain water. If the foundation starts to sink, you can have it replaced, and Rose–er, your air conditioner–will go on and be okay.

Critters Try to Sleep in Your Ductwork

Winter hits, it gets chilly, and where do little four-legged furry critters go? To wherever it’s warm. Your ductwork is arguably the warmest thing in your home because it’s carrying all that temperature-controlled air from your heater.

When rodents detect this, they may chew through ductwork and try to climb inside the ducts to stay warm for the winter. This leads to air loss and inefficiency, and in certain conditions, the moisture from warm air can even cause mold and mildew growth in your walls and attic.

While it’s not what anyone wants to think about, those critters can also die in the ducts and produce horrible smells through your vents. It’s something to keep in mind (and can mostly be prevented with separate pest prevention services).

Not Uncommon Enough to Ignore

Uncommon air conditioner problems still happen, they’re just not a run-of-the-mill issue that you’ll run into many times. When your AC is on the fritz, it’s important to approach every possible angle and rule nothing out. Whatever the issue is with your air conditioner, you have us to help you fix it.

Contact Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. today to schedule your air conditioner repair as soon as possible.

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