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How Can You Increase Your Air Conditioning Efficiency?

increase-air-conditioning-efficiencyIn order to provide cooling power for your home, your air conditioner must consume energy—and as a result you receive a cooling bill each month. With summer well on its way (despite the lower than normal California temperatures), your energy bills are going to see a spike since you’ll be running your cooling system on a more consistent basis.

Just because you’ll be paying more, though, doesn’t mean you should be paying more than you should. By taking some steps now, you can help to improve your cooling system efficiency, enabling it to use the energy you pay for more effectively, fending off emergency air conditioning services in Pleasanton, CA, and lowering your monthly bills in the meantime.


This is one service we can’t talk about enough. Preventive maintenance is called such for a reason, and should be scheduled once a year (or twice a year, if you have a heat pump). Routine maintenance allows our professional technicians to address a number of little issues that wouldn’t necessarily merit a repair call on its own, but can add up to a bigger emergency if left unattended.

Preventive maintenance gives us a chance to treat this issues before they end up costing you, and gives us the opportunity to make any adjustments to the system that are necessary. This gives you peace of mind, and also allows you plenty of time to schedule repairs at leisure, instead of scrambling to call for repairs in the middle of summer when an emergency strikes.

Most importantly, however, maintenance improves the efficiency of your air conditioner, which is one of the reasons you should schedule it before you need your system on a daily basis—which is right now. This way, your cooling system will have the ability to perform at its best over this cooling season, and provide some relief from your summer cooling bills.

Have a Zone Control System Installed

If you have a larger home, a two-story home, or an otherwise hard-to-cool home, then a zone control system may be the solution to not only uneven cooling, but air conditioner efficiency. Zoning divides your home into different sections, each of which can be cooled—or heated—independently of one another.

This means you can set different temperatures in different areas of your home, and by extension, shut off the air in areas of your living space that you aren’t using, while still running the air in spots where you are. This helps you use your air conditioner more efficiently. You’re no longer blasting the AC as low as it will go just to cool down that one hot spot in the house.

Consider Your Home’s Humidity

Did you know that your air conditioner has some dehumidifying characteristics? Unfortunately, though, it’s not designed for this purpose. So, when humidity rises above a comfortable level (50% being the highest level of comfort), your air conditioner has to work even harder to do its job, thus performing inefficiently.

The solution to this is investing in a whole-house dehumidifier. Not only will this help increase your cooling system’s efficiency, but it will also reduce the problems that come along with high humidity: decreased comfort, mold and mildew development, subsequent health problems, and warped flooring and wallpaper in your home.

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