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Common AC Repairs You May Need This Summer without Maintenance

common-ac-repairs-summer-without-maintenanceWhy is it that we talk about maintenance so much? Of course, we hope you’ll schedule this important service—but that’s not the only reason we often bring it up. We want to ensure that our customers are in good shape for summer and that they are prepared with a fully functional AC system.

And not only will regular servicing improve system reliability and efficiency, it will also help you maintain your manufacturer’s warranty and fend off the worst of San Ramon, CA air conditioning repairs. So what are these potential repair issues we speak of?

Refrigerant Leaks

You may have heard of the “Freon” in your air conditioning system. This is actually a brand name for a specific type of refrigerant. A common misconception about this chemical blend of fluids is that it must be refilled—recharged—on occasion. But the fact of the matter is, if your cooling system is losing refrigerant it means that there is a leak, which must be located and sealed at the source.

When refrigerant leaks, the problem may not be noticeable right away, but soon enough you’ll detect a drop in cooling output. Which, as we all know, is not something anyone wants to face in the middle of a hot California summer. Our expert technicians check refrigerant as part of your regular maintenance appointment. However, if you suspect a refrigerant leak during any part of the year, we’ll be happy to investigate!

Dirty or Clogged Condensate Lines

This is one problem you definitely want to avoid if you can! Clogged lines mean water will back up into your home, all because of a little bit of debris and build up. If you notice water leaking from your air conditioner, then this is most likely the culprit. Don’t let this happen to you: get your AC system checked today!

Worn Fan Belt

This is amongst the easiest of AC repair needs to avoid. When a fan belt wears down, all our technicians have to do is take it off and put a new one in. It’s a relatively small component and is typically readily available, and fairly inexpensive in the HVAC world. Sometimes, you may be able to detect a worn fan belt by a squeaking noise coming from your system. But oftentimes, without maintenance this problem can be undetectable until it causes system failure.

Major System Component Replacement

This is, of course, something that no homeowner wants to deal with in the middle of a hot summer day. Getting the right component that matches your equipment can be difficult, and often costly. You could end up paying more for repairs in an emergency situation than you would have otherwise.

All of the above-mentioned repairs, and more, can be prevented with regular maintenance throughout the year. If you have a standard air conditioner, this service should be scheduled annually. If you’re using a heat pump, then we advise you schedule maintenance twice a year, since this system is used for both cooling and heating.

For quality air conditioning services, contact Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. today.

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