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Air Conditioning Maintenance? Now?

outdoor-ac-unitsYes now! Well, maybe not right this second, but air conditioning maintenance during the winter or spring is a perfect because this is the time to think ahead.

Think about it this way, would you perform maintenance on your car while you’re driving it? Of course not! When it comes to HVAC in San Ramon, CA it’s always a better idea to perform routine maintenance on a system while it’s not entirely necessary for it to work. Temperatures aren’t hot, humidity isn’t bad, and the basic fact of the matter is that you don’t need your air conditioner—yet.

So, whether you’re in the mood to lower your cooling bills when summer does arrive or feel better about having an AC system that’s ready for the heat, schedule routine maintenance early. Take it from the professionals, having AC maintenance in the late winter or early spring is always a good idea.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

We know this saying might be overused in a lot of professions, but it honestly should be used more in the HVAC industry. The reason is that air conditioning maintenance is important for reducing the risk of repairs, and nobody wants a repair done on a day where it’s scorchingly hot. Routine maintenance in the spring or winter can give you a heads up on any problems that might be encountered when your system is turned on again for the summer. You’ll have the opportunity to budget for AC repairs, or even prepare yourself for a new AC replacement if it is needed, before the hot temperatures arrive.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Air conditioning maintenance isn’t as optional as it sounds, and just because it’s sold separately from installation or repair services doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a necessity. Air conditioners require maintenance to function at peak efficiency since there are ball bearings that need to be lubricated, filters and coils that need to be cleaned, refrigerant that needs to be recharged, and a plethora of other jobs needed.

By neglecting routine maintenance early on, you’re depriving your air conditioning of the care that it needs to function effectively and efficiently. Years without maintenance could lead to your system sucking up a lot more energy than it should be to do the same job.

Increased Reliability

Air conditioners are only supposed to last 10-15 years in the best of cases. This means a system with consistent yearly maintenance should last for 15 years without any major problems. However, avoiding early maintenance might mean a shortened lifespan and service life full of headaches and obnoxious service calls. A reliable air conditioner requires maintenance, otherwise, it’s basically a gamble as to how long your system will last and how expensive the repairs will be.

Maintenance is an important service for your air conditioner. It’s vital if you want your system running effectively and efficiently for as long as possible. Therefore, getting this service when you’re not using your AC, and while you’ve got plenty of time to make repairs, means right now is the best time for a maintenance visit. Schedule one today!

For a professional team to perform maintenance on your AC, call Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

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