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Get Efficient, Go Tankless!

tankless-water-heater-diagramYes, tankless water heaters in San Ramon, CA do exist, and they could be exactly what you’re looking for. In climates like ours, efficiency quickly becomes the number one priority, since we don’t need too much energy or fuel to keep our homes comfortable all throughout the year. Sure we’ve got some chilly nights, but we’re not dealing with snowstorms and cold chills that can threaten our property with sub-zero temperatures.

So, on today’s episode of, “How can my home be more efficient,” we’re going to take some time to talk about tankless water heaters and how they could give you a serious boon in efficiency. They’re pretty nifty pieces of technology that can give you instant and almost unlimited hot water usage if they’re installed correctly. With that said, if you’re finding yourself drawn towards a tankless water heater, make sure you get it installed by our team of pros!

Pros and Cons of Going Tankless

If you’re considering joining the tankless folk, you’re going to want to know exactly what you’re going to get if you make the switch. We’d like to give fair warning that not every home or family is going to have water needs that are suited for a tankless water heater, but many do!


Let’s start with the pros of owning a tankless water heating system.

  1. Superior energy efficiency. Tankless water heaters are some of the most efficient water heating systems available. They don’t lose energy to standby heat loss since they’re not keeping a tank of hot water that always needs to be heated and ready for use.
  2. Less storage space. Tankless water heaters don’t need a tank (as the name implies), so they require much less space than a tank water heater. If you’ve got a particularly small home or you like to use your space as efficiently as possible, this could be the system for you.
  3. Unlimited hot water. It’s not much fun running out of hot water in the middle of a shower or bath. If you use all the hot water in your hot water tank, you’re going to need to wait until your system can reheat the water. With a tankless water heating system, say goodbye to the need to wait for the tank to refill. Tankless water heaters provide hot water that is always available, and as long as your municipality can supply it, and you can pay for it, you’ll have hot water in your home.


We try to be as honest as possible about our water heaters, so here are a few disadvantages that signal your home isn’t ready for the switch.

  1. Higher initial cost. Tankless water heaters are more expensive to purchase initially than tank water heaters. That’s just a fact.
  2. Intricate installation. Tankless water heaters require more specialized training, which means fewer technicians are suited to deal with them. Good thing we’re trained in installing, maintaining, and repairing tankless systems!
  3. Output challenges. If your tankless water heater is fitted poorly, you might end up running low on water pressure. Make sure it’s appropriately fitted when installed.

Get your tankless water heater installed the right way. Call the team at Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. today!

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