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What Is an Air Scrubber and How Will It Benefit Me?

When you think about indoor air quality, you likely consider the temperature of your home, and perhaps even the relative humidity levels. These factors are both very important to your comfort. However, they are not the only things you should keep in mind. Good indoor air quality is achieved by not only maintaining comfortable temperatures and humidity, but also by eliminating unhealthy contaminants that may be in your home with the right air purification system.

Air Scrubbers

This is where air scrubbers come in. The air filter that comes standard with your HVAC system has a very important function. It protects the inside components of the unit from dirt, debris, and other contaminants. It does not, however, do much to protect your indoor air quality.

An air scrubber, on the other hand, does exactly that. This device is used to remove particles, gasses, and even chemicals from the air in a specific location. Popularly used in commercial settings, they’ve become increasingly popular for homeowners as well.

Keeping You and Your Family Healthy

The greatest benefit of air scrubbers is that they help remove pollutants and contaminants from the air that can make you ill. From allergies in the spring to the cold or flu in the winter, we often just accept that illnesses are a part of life. It’s true that sometimes this cannot be avoided. However, air scrubbers allow you confidence and peace of mind that these particles are less likely to make you sick.

How Does an Air Scrubber Work?

A large benefit of using an air scrubber is that it can be installed directly into your HVAC system. Then when you turn on the unit, it begins working to filter and clean the air as it passes through. The air scrubber will eliminate pollutants throughout your home and allow you to constantly breathe clean, fresh air.

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