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Have You Taken Advantage of Energy Upgrade California Yet?

In case you haven’t looked into Energy Upgrade California® yet, this is a state initiative which helps homeowners such as yourself take action in order to save energy and conserve natural resources. This helps reduce demand on the electrical grid, and as a result also lowers your monthly electricity costs.

Energy Upgrade California® allows you to make educated choices about energy management both at home and at work. The program is supported by the California Public Utilities Commission and the California Energy Commission, as well as local utility companies, regional energy networks, governments and businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

Don’t Sacrifice Home Comfort to Save Energy

If you follow the guidelines set forth by Energy Upgrade California®, there’s no reason to sacrifice your comfort or your wallet in order to save energy. It’s all about making changes to your energy habits, and upgrading to energy efficient appliances. Another thing you can do is make sure that air leaks around the home are sealed. Here’s a list of some other steps you can take, provided on the Energy Upgrade California® website.

  • Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat: This can save you up to 10% a year off of your heating and cooling costs. Another thermostat tip—make sure that yours isn’t located in direct sunlight as this can confuse the component to think it’s warmer in your home than it actually is.
  • Use ENERGY STAR appliances: When you install appliances with this label, you can save up to $750 over their lifetime.
  • Utilize Energy Saving Lighting: Using energy-efficient light bulbs can help you save significant money on your energy costs each year.
  • Use a Power Strip: When used wisely, a power strip can help you save on energy costs. Plug your devices into a power strip, and turn off the whole power strip when none of those devices are in use.

To learn more about our partnership with Energy Upgrade California® in Pleasanton, CA and to schedule expert HVAC services, contact Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. today.

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