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How Can I Lower the Humidity in My Home?

A high level of moisture in the summertime is not something that most California residents worry about too much. When we think “humidity” we tend to think of states on the east coast, such as Florida, right? Our humidity levels usually stay comfortably below 50% this time of year, which is the maximum humidity level for indoor comfort. However, albeit rare, stuffy days do occur.

This is particularly true if you live anywhere near a creek or stream, or any location that has excessive moisture. These days make your home feel uncomfortable, and can cause your AC system to work harder than normal to cool your home, meaning it’s not working as efficiently as possible. And actually, if you use an evaporative cooler it can be rendered completely ineffective on a humid day. So what is the solution?

Energy Recovery Ventilator

Just because humid days are rare doesn’t mean we want to deal with them! An ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) allows you to exchange air within your home with outdoor air, while minimizing energy loss. As we use our air conditioning systems more frequently, ERVs will allow incoming warm air to pass by conditioned air to cool it down. This way, the system allows fresh air to enter your home without risking too much humidity exposure. This helps you to avoid discomfort and keep your family healthy.

You can help your ERV out even more by using vents and exhaust fans within your home. Common areas where these are most beneficial include your kitchen and your bathroom. Moisture builds up in these areas from cooking or showering, respectively. Another moisture-producing appliance affecting your indoor air is your washing machine.

It’s inefficient to open windows and doors to let fresh air in while running your air conditioner in the summer. This will never allow for consistent, optimal indoor air comfort. Besides, if you leave your windows open while it’s raining or while your sprinkler system is running, the humidity may actually worsen.

For energy recovery ventilator installation in Livermore, CA, contact Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. today.

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