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What Should You Do if You Smell Gas?

One of the most common emergency calls we get in regards to HVAC systems is that our customers smell gas coming from the system. This is an issue that should never be ignored and should always be taken very seriously. A gas leak can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, but it could even be so much worse than that. Although rare, a gas leak can start a fire or cause an explosion. Usually the first sign of a gas leak is the smell of rotten eggs—a scent that gas companies add to gas lines so you’ll be able to detect otherwise odorless gas.

So, What if I Do Smell Gas?

Leave the premises as soon as you smell gas in or around your property. Extinguish any open flames if you are able to, such as the burners on your stovetop. Also, if you have an electrical appliance of any kind plugged in, do not be tempted to unplug it. Doing so may result in a spark that could ignite a fire. Once you and your family are safely off the property, call your gas company or call 911. Do not go back into your home until it has been deemed safe to do so by officials.

Can I Prevent a Gas Leak?

Avoiding gas leaks starts with proper installation to begin with. Your HVAC system and other appliances should always be professionally installed and vented. They should also be kept clean and in good working condition. This means making sure you stay on top of your routine maintenance appointments for everything from your HVAC systems, your water heater, clothes dryer, and more. You can also reduce the risk of fire by keeping all combustible materials away from furnaces, water heaters, ranges, or any other gas-powered appliances within your home.

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