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What Could Be Causing Your Home’s Uneven Temperatures?


As we inch closer to spring, it’s time to start thinking about our air conditioning systems. Hopefully, you’ve already scheduled maintenance, so that our HVAC professionals will have the opportunity to fully inspect and clean your system to ensure its efficient performance.

But what if you noticed uneven heating throughout your home this winter? Should you just ignore it and put off repairing the issue until next fall? No! The fact of the matter is, whatever is causing uneven heating in your home is likely to cause uneven cooling as well. Tackling this problem now is the best way to correct this heating and cooling problem.

How’s Your Insulation?

Poorly installed or insufficient insulation is one of the biggest causes of uneven temperatures. Poor insulation allows heat to escape outside through the walls, windows, around the cracks of doors, and through the attic in the winter. In the summer, heat comes in through the same entries.

Beware Vent Obstructions

Take a look around your home and check for any blocked or dirty vents. Air registers and vents can contribute to uneven temperatures throughout your home if they’re obstructed by furniture or anything else—even a buildup of dust and debris.

Is Your Ductwork in Good Condition?

If there’s a breach or leak anywhere within your air duct system, then conditioned air meant for your living space could be escaping into other areas—such as the unoccupied attic or crawlspace that your ductwork snakes through.

Not only does this contribute to uneven heating and cooling, but ductwork breaches also cause your central air system or furnace to work harder to do its job since it’s compensating for the missing air. This can lead to significant problems for both your heating and cooling system.

Your Home May Need Zoning

One final reason your home may be experiencing uneven temperatures is not a problem with your HVAC system at all—but is simply due to how your home is laid out. For example, if you have a two-story home, then it’s naturally going to be warmer upstairs and cooler downstairs, since heat rises.

As you try to balance the temperatures to make these different areas—zones—of your home comfortable, you are forcing your HVAC system to work harder than it should have to. Fortunately, there is a highly efficient and cost-effective solution: San Ramon, CA zone control heating and cooling.

A zone control system enables you to split your home into various zones. Each area (you can have two zones or as many as rooms you have in your home) is supplied with its own thermostat, and dampers are placed in the ductwork to allow for complete control over the heating and cooling preferences you have for the individual spaces.

Zone control heating and cooling helps you save energy as well as money, plus you can even prevent family squabbles over what temperature to set the thermostat too—since everyone can control their own!

Contacting Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. is your solution to all of your heating and cooling needs in the San Francisco Bay area. Get in touch today!

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