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Let’s Vent About Your Vents

Ugh! This must be the third time this month that you’ve cleaned off your vents, or that you’ve contemplated opening them up to see why they won’t keep your home comfortable. You get your HVAC system maintained yearly, you even invested in an air filtration system to block out contaminants, so what gives? Why are your air vents dirty and why don’t they work properly?

Well, if the answer were simple, then we wouldn’t be writing a whole blog post about it, would we? In fact, there could be a variety of things negatively impacting your air vents and air ducts. We’re here to narrow down that list and provide support for your HVAC in Oakland, CA.

You know, you could just stop reading and call our team if you know what kind of help you want. Or if you’re more comfortable, take a look below at some common air vent problems and then call us for our professional advice!

The Culprit

When something about our HVAC system annoys us, it can be almost instinctual to want to find a culprit. You might be holding your head thinking “what the heck is causing all of this dust” or “why isn’t any comfortable air coming out?” So, let’s not dilly-dally! Here are just a few common culprits for why your air ducts aren’t working properly.

Your Ducts Aren’t Sealed

Imagine you’ve got a straw and you’re blowing air through it. Pretty much all of the air that you blow¬†into the straw, exits on the other end, right? This is an example of a sealed air system. If you poked a million tiny holes in that straw and then tried to blow air through it again, barely anything would come out the other end. This is what happens when your air ducts experience years of neglect, expansion, compression, and the strain of seasonal change.

Did you know that we offer duct sealing and duct testing services? We can tell you just how much air is escaping through your ducts, and seal them tightly so you get the full blast of comfortable air coming from your vents!

Your Air Filter Is Clogged

Take a moment to step away from the specific vent you’re having trouble with, and find the return air duct. This is where all your indoor air gets sucked up to be heated by your heater. We advise homeowners to replace the air filter in the return air ducts every 1-3 months so that contaminants can get siphoned out of your home’s HVAC system and your whole home works more efficiently. If that air filter gets caked in dust, debris, or dirt, then you’re going to see a major decrease in comfortable air and more contaminants throughout your home!

You Need Zone Control

Zone control systems are very cool. They are a series of dampers in your duct system that can accurately control where the heated air goes so you have precise temperature control throughout your whole home. If your heater is in good shape and your air ducts are properly sealed, then maybe the question becomes how can you get more accurate temperature control and boost the performance of your vents? With zone control of course!

If any of these solutions sound great, then we urge you to call our team at Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. today!

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