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What to Do When Your Furnace Stops Working

what-to-do-when-furnace-stops-workingSure, we don’t have to worry about Punxsutawney Phil predicting 6 more weeks of winter around here—even though we have had a record-setting amount of rain and subsequent cooler temperatures because of it. Still, our winters can get chilly, and certainly require the use of a fully functioning and efficiently operating furnace. So when you find yourself facing a broken down heating system, it’s natural to panic.

First, rest assured that if you do have a severe problem with your system, we are here to provide quality furnace repairs in Hayward, CA and beyond. Fortunately though, there are some situations in which your furnace problem isn’t serious at all, and might be resolved pretty simply. Keep reading to learn about some troubleshooting tasks you can complete on your own, when and if your furnace fails you.

Check the Thermostat

Sometimes, your furnace problems may not be with the furnace at all, but rather the component that tells it what to do—your thermostat. First, check to ensure it’s set to “heat.” It may have accidentally been misprogrammed by someone in your family, or it could be miscalibrated—which would require professional repair or perhaps even a thermostat upgrade (this is one of many ways to heat your home more efficiently, too).

Check Your Air Filter

The air filter that comes standard with your central furnace is there to protect the system’s interior components from dirt and other debris. If you fail to change or clean your furnace regularly—every 1 to 3 months—it will become clogged to the point that it will restrict airflow in the best case scenario, and cause your furnace to break down in the worst case. When enough dust and dirt accumulates on the components of your furnace, it causes the system to work harder than it should have to, and thus wear down a lot faster than it normally would have.

Check the Electrical Panel

Your HVAC systems account for about half of all your energy usage. This means that by simply running your furnace, you can cause a tripped circuit breaker. Go to this breaker panel and find the circuit that controls your furnace.

Check to see if it is in the “off” position, or in the middle (ultimately you’re looking for one switch that is different from the rest). Turn it back on, and then reset your thermostat to see if your furnace cycles back on after that. If you are experiencing consistently tripped breakers, then it may be that your electrical panel can no longer meet the electrical demands of your home, and needs an upgrade.

Check the Pilot Light

Lastly, if you have a gas-powered furnace that uses a pilot light, check to see that it is lit. This can usually be easily checked through a window in the unit itself. If you need help locating the pilot light or are unsure of how to relight it if that is the problem, then we are happy to assist!

When you find yourself in need of superior professional furnace services, look no further than Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. Contact us today!

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