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Ductless Heating Problems: Should You Repair or Replace?

ductless-heating-repair-or-replaceDuctless mini split systems have become increasingly popular in recent years, due mostly in part to their high efficiency. They are durable and reliable heating and cooling systems that typically require very little by way of large repairs—so long as they are properly maintained and cared for.

However, no matter what type of home comfort system you have for your home, it is going to need a repair eventually. What’s important for you to know, is when your Danville, CA ductless heating problems warrant just another small repair, or complete replacement.

Common Ductless Problems

While ductless systems are highly durable, there are a few problems that are unique to these HVAC units. For example, compressor issues can affect the functionality of your system, as can problems with the indoor blower. Additionally, just like any other system that utilizes refrigerant, your ductless system can experience a leak that renders it inoperable.

There are other problems that may not be problems at all, which you should check for before giving service professionals a call. For example, your ductless system uses up a lot of electrical power, you may have a tripped circuit breaker. You’ll also want to check your thermostat if you’re having ductless problems. It may be that your system was never switched to heating mode, or that your thermostat is miscalibrated.

Does Your System Need Repair?

Leaking fluids is one of the leading reasons that a ductless system may need repair. Upon installation, your unit is supplied with enough refrigerant to ideally last through its entire lifecycle. If you are losing refrigerant, however, it means that you have a leak. If this occurs, your ductless system can reach the point that it’s unable to function at all.

Ice is another repairable foe against ductless systems. If the unit’s evaporator coil is not kept clean, it can freeze the condensate that forms on it during operation. This may not seem like a severe problem, but it can in fact prevent the evaporator coil from doing its job, and it can warp the coil. Fortunately, leaking fluids and developing ice are both problems that can be easily resolved.

When Replacement Is the Better Option

The average ductless system lasts about 15 to 20 years, so long as it is appropriately maintained and well taken care of. Once it’s surpassed this age, it is going to begin to perform less efficiently—and in turn, less effectively. Efficiency isn’t all an older system loses, either. Its durability will begin to decline as well.

The older your ductless system gets, the more wear and tear it will accumulate. It will need to work harder to do its job, and components will begin to degrade faster. You may find yourself scheduling repairs every few months, when under different circumstances you should only have to repair your system once every couple of years. Take notice of how old your system is—this makes a huge difference in whether or not you should repair or replace your ductless unit.

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