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Don’t Ignore These Furnace Noises

woman-reacting-to-loud-noisesThere’s a difference between being ignorant of a furnace noise and flat out ignoring it. We’ll never fault a homeowner for not understanding a sound that comes from their furnace, but at least they’re more likely to call us to have a professional check out the issue. However, homeowners that tend to neglect their furnaces and ignore the sounds that come from them are way more likely to suffer from a system breakdown because the issues that cause strange noises often compound into other problems.

So, if you’re hearing a strange sound coming from your furnace then you’ve got to call our team for furnace repair in Oakland, CA. While we can get into the different noises a heater might make to give you a little bit more insight, there are no DIY solutions that can solve the issue. The only clear solution is calling a professional.

The Fundamentals of Furnace Noises

Depending on the size of your furnace, the fuel type, and other small factors, your furnace might make a slightly different noise than any other one that’s suffering from a similar problem. The difference is that you’ll still be able to realize when something is wrong based on the sound alone. Furnaces are supposed to function quietly and you should only hear the sound of air jettisoning from your vents.

Banging or Booming

This is probably the easiest sound to notice since it’s usually the loudest and the most unignorable. Banging or booming usually means that there’s a small gas explosion going off in your gas furnace. This could be just from dirty burners since dirt, soot, or grime could obstruct the gas injector and cause a delay before the gas is ignited. This can be a simple fix by a technician who just needs to clean your burners. However, leaving this problem to continue is a terrible idea, since this small explosion could crack your heat exchanger and lead to a carbon monoxide leak.

Clanking or Scraping

Furnaces have blower systems within them to cycle the heated air into your home. Sometimes these blowers can come loose and will threaten to damage the internal components of your system. If you hear metal against metal in the form of clanking or scraping, turn your furnace off immediately before any more damage is done, and call a professional as soon as possible!

Squealing or Screeching

Squealing, screeching, or whistling noises aren’t as terrible of an occurrence as these other two sounds, but it can still signify a problem that needs to be checked out by a professional. Your furnace has various rubber belts that need to be maintained every once in a while. When those belts begin to take on damage, they can make a squealing sound similar to the sound of a damaged belt in a car. It can be hard to pinpoint which belt is the problematic one, so you’re absolutely going to want to have a furnace specialist check it out.

If you notice any of these sounds coming from your furnace, contact our team at Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

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