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A Rattling Heat Pump Is Not a Good Sign

A heat pump is a conglomeration of a lot of different smaller components. We’ve touched on HVAC sounds on this blog numerous times, but we’d like to talk about a specific sound in regards to a specific system. A rattling heat pump is a problem that many homeowners might ignore due to budgeting or the fact that the heat pump still works, but just because a system still works doesn’t mean it’s working well.

The components of your system could be unhinged, misaligned, or running into serious problems that could be quickly fixed when you call our team for heater repair in Orinda, CA. We are experts in heat pump problem diagnosis, as well as the targeted repairs of issues that plague homeowners.

If your heat pump is rattling when you run it, be sure to read the rest of this blog. We promise you’ll understand why ignoring this problem can lead to a nightmare.

Three Problems With a Rattling Heat Pump

At this point, you probably know that your heat pump making a rattling noise isn’t a good sign. But you’re likely more interested in why your heat pump is making this sound. The more information you know on this topic, the easier it might be to point out an issue to a professional when getting it repaired. Or, it might help you budget the next few months accordingly when you start realizing what’s actually going on under the hood of your system!

Issues With the Blower Fan

Most heat pump systems still rely on air ducts to vent the heat throughout your home during our chilly nights. The problem with a heat pump that’s rattling could be sourced deep in the blower system that’s responsible for blowing the comfortable air throughout the vents.

Check the airflow coming from the vents. If you notice that your heat pump is having trouble providing quality temperatures and it’s rattling, there could be a problem with the blower system that can only be fixed with equipment and training from a professional.

A Loose or Broken Component

When a component of your heat pump gets loose or broken, it can still stay housed within the system itself. As the unit runs, it will bounce around the system’s housing, causing a rattling noise to disturb you and your family. Unfortunately, this rattling component can eventually break another component or bump into a larger part and cause it to become misaligned. This is what we call compounding problems, and it will overall lead to a more expensive repair bill.

Damaging the Coils

Your heat pump relies on sensitive coils to evaporate and condense the refrigerant for the heating and cooling process to occur. When a rattling component collides with a coil, or starts disrupting the process of your coils, this could lead to some devastating consequences and an extremely expensive repair bill as your system’s compressor gets shot. We urge you to nip this problem in the bud immediately upon hearing the rattling noise, so your coils remain safe and protected.

Call Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. for more information on heat pump repairs in Orinda.

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