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Furnace Problems Can Turn Dangerous

If your furnace is making strange noises at night or it’s beginning to smell like an old toaster oven, then you might have some problems that require professional furnace repair in Walnut Creek, CA. This is the first point that we want to address in this blog post, that any of these signs mean you need to get help from a licensed and certified HVAC professional like the ones on our team. Don’t try to open your furnace up on your own, because you might do more harm than good!

The biggest reason why we steer homeowners away from doing their own DIY furnace repairs is because of safety. Furnaces, especially gas furnaces, create a lot of heat and exhaust fumes that are dangerous to inhale. Only trained individuals who know exactly how these systems operate should work on them, and here are a few reasons why.

The Fumes of a Gas Furnace Can Be Toxic

It’s important to remember that your gas furnace is constantly performing combustion inside of it, and the results of that kind of process are usually some nasty gases. Carbon monoxide is one material that comes from the burning of gas, and that is extremely dangerous to breathe in. Another problem can be the leaking of the gas itself from the combustion chamber, which could become a fire hazard in your home. Basically, there are a lot of dangerous fumes inside the sensitive chambers of your furnace, and as long as only a trained professional is the one repairing your system, it’s more than okay.

If you were planning on doing DIY repairs on your furnace, just remember that these dangerous gases exist inside the system. It’s always a good idea to call a professional technician for help with this kind of work so you don’t risk the safety of your home.

Furnace Efficiency Relies on Professional Support

The more you perform DIY repairs on your furnace, the more likely you are to bump components out of alignment and force your heating system to run inefficiently. Efficiency is a huge measurement for your system and it’s going to be incredibly important when you have to pay your heating bill every month. Getting professional repairs is not only a safe choice, but it’s also going to be the most efficient choice and the best for your future budget.

Your Air Vents Are Also a Delicate Component

Remember that your air vents are connected to your furnace and they lead to the rooms in your house. If something were to be bumped, broken, or misaligned while you’re working on DIY repairs, (or when a problem crops up) gas and exhaust fumes could leak into your air ducts.

This doesn’t usually happen and, in fact, your furnace can take a lot of punishment to reach this point, but we want to be clear about why professional repairs are so important. We ensure that your furnace never reaches this level of unsafe behavior, and we have the experience to back that up!

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