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Why Does Energy Efficiency Matter So Much?

Back in the day, the most important aspect of HVAC systems was centered on how well they worked. You could have a wood-burning furnace but as long as that baby burned bright and kept you warm, it didn’t matter how much fuel was consumed. Soon, we began to learn about how much fuel we were using to power all of our homes, and prices of these materials began to rise. Wood-burning heaters turned out to be some of the most inefficient heating systems in the world, and we turned to better materials like electricity and gas.

Now, prices are on the rise again and it’s up to us to use as little fuel and energy as possible for the most amount of heat. This will depend heavily on the type of heating installation in Lafayette, CA that you decide to invest in. Let’s talk about why your next heater and its efficiency are so important.

What Heaters Are Most Energy Efficient?

When looking for a heater in the 21st century, energy efficiency is going to be one of your top priorities. The more efficient the system is (i.e. the less fuel the system uses to heat your home), the better off you’ll be. We’re not just talking about comfort, we’re talking about your budget and your well-being. Old, outdated heating systems require an extensive amount of fuel to run, and in our economy that much fuel just isn’t feasible for a normal family.

When shopping for a new heating system, the two types of heaters we would recommend would be furnaces and heat pumps. Down below we’re going to talk about how they work, some major differences, and why they’re the most energy-efficient heating systems on the market these days.

Moving Heat Vs. Making Heat

A heat pump is unique because it moves heat instead of creating it. Think about it, it pumps heat from one location to another (in the winter, it’s from the outside to the inside of your home) and it does this with the help of electricity. By moving heat, it actually saves energy overall.

Furnaces still create heat but they do so with the help of natural gas which is an abundant energy source that’s produced locally. Gas is cheap, plentiful, clean-burning, and it works extremely well for heating a home.

The Price of Gas and Electricity

Take a look at your local gas and electric prices. This might dictate your decision because they will be some of the rates that you will pay for your home’s heating. If you’re finding one is much more expensive than the other, then ask our team for help doing the math and figuring out how much you might pay per month.

Call Our Team for Support!

We can get you set up with a new heating system that will give you powerful comfort at an affordable rate. Work with us to choose the right system that uses the right type of fuel for maximum energy efficiency and warm winter nights!

Call Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. for more information on how to make your home energy efficient.

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