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Zone Control: A System You Didn’t Know You Needed

How does your air conditioner work? That’s not a hypothetical question, we’re honestly asking if you know how the cooled, conditioned air makes it to the rooms of your home. It travels through ductwork, right? Your ductwork is responsible for keeping your homes consistently cooled to the same temperature.

Sometimes, based on the layout of your home, the condition of your ductwork, or just the material your home is built of, temperatures can fluctuate wildly in different rooms. Your living room might be chilly at 65 degrees but your bedroom might be sitting at 80. There isn’t a setting you could program into your air conditioner to make it work differently.

You have three options. Either you deal with the poor temperature control, call our team for expert opinions on HVAC in Dublin, CA, or you invest in a zone control system. If you’re asking yourself what a zone control system is, then we insist you keep reading!

What Is Zone Control?

Zone control involves having a series of dampers installed throughout your ductwork. These can easily control the direction of the conditioned air that’s coming right from your air conditioner. When using a zone control system, it becomes easy to ensure that your rooms are a consistent temperature.

Better yet, what if each room could have its own temperature. We’re not just talking about a feeling, we’re talking about individual thermostats installed in each room of your home that connect directly to the zone control system. When you set your bedroom to a cooler temperature, the dampers move around in your ducts to allow more conditioned air into your bedroom. It’s that simple!

What Else?

Zone control systems need to work together with your air conditioner or heater in order to make your home feel as comfortable as possible. For any DIY enthusiasts who saw this and thought they could just create their own zone control system by taping off certain parts of their ductwork, you’re poorly mistaken. Closing off an area of your air ducts won’t help control temperatures at all—in fact, it could potentially cause harm to your HVAC system and lead to poor outcomes. Your AC is supposed to cool a home of a specific size and air volume. The moment you start taping off areas and decreasing that volume, your air conditioner could start short cycling and having problems. Make sure you contact the professionals for zone control installation.

It All Comes Together

There are other things you can do to work with your air conditioner and zone control system that doesn’t involve invasive duct surgery. Try using your blinds or curtains to block out the sun. A ceiling fan can help move air around and draw heat towards the ceiling, making your rooms feel cooler. Perhaps it’s time to have maintenance scheduled on your AC to ensure it’s working properly. All of these can be great ways that you as a homeowner can get involved in the cooling process. When coupled with zone control systems and a functioning AC, your home in Dublin, CA can really start to feel like paradise!

The team at Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. can get you set up with a zone control system. Call us today!

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