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You Can Help Your Struggling AC Right Now!

Air conditioners are our first line of defense against the scorching hot temperatures of summer. Other areas might be able to rely on portable systems or window units, but not here! We need the best systems available with impressive energy efficiency ratings so that we can keep our budgets intact and our entire homes comfortable.

That being said, many homeowners are struggling right now because their air conditioner just won’t do what they want them to. The first and best step you can take as a homeowner is to call for professional AC repair in Pleasanton, CA. A pro like the ones on our team can diagnose your problem and fix it at the root, meaning you’re left with a better system that doesn’t suck up as much energy.

However, if you’re unsure as to whether you need AC repairs or if your system is just railing against record-breaking heat, then keep reading.

Pay Close Attention to Your AC

The best thing you can do as a homeowner—aside from calling for professional repairs—is to pay close attention to your air conditioning system. Usually, you’ll actually be able to tell when it’s running into a serious problem that needs to be remedied. Here are a few problems that your air conditioner could be struggling against. The earlier you notice them, the better off you’ll be.

  • Simply put, it’s hot. Let’s remember to keep our expectations in check. Just because your home can’t be cooled to 63° when the temperature is surpassing 100° outside, doesn’t mean your air conditioner isn’t working properly. In fact, expecting your system to cool beyond 20° below the outside temperature is just a recipe for disaster.
  • Poor zone control. Some areas of your home might feel cool and comfortable while others are hot to the touch. Sure, lowering the curtains and using ceiling fans can help, but you might also have poor zone control in your air ducts. When you call us, we can help set up a zone control system that funnels cool air to the proper areas of your home more easily so that you don’t have hot spots in the summer and cold spots in the winter.
  • Bad components leading to inefficiency. Maintenance and fast repairs are incredibly important because just one faulty component could be causing your system distress. If a part isn’t lubricated properly or is about to break, your system will try to compensate by drawing in more electricity for the same amount of comfort.
  • Lukewarm air. Your air conditioner should be cooling air to a reasonable temperature before it sends it to the rooms of your home. If it’s not, it’s likely suffering from an internal problem that needs to be repaired!
  • Incorrect temperature control. Check your thermostat and try to make sense of what it’s telling you. Your air conditioner is likely trying to match the temperature set on it. If the temperature setting is incorrect, or if the thermostat is broken, your air conditioner is going to constantly struggle against a home system that’s not working for it. This can be fixed.

It’s time to call the professionals at Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. for AC repairs you can count on.

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