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5 AC Efficiency Tips That Can Benefit You

AC efficiency is one of the highest priorities from our perspective. If you’re paying too much for your air conditioner, then one of the following things is going on—

  • You’re dealing with a problem in your air conditioner that needs to be repaired by a professional.
  • You’re paying too much for monthly energy costs because the system isn’t running as efficiently as it should, due to old age or missed maintenance.
  • Your air conditioner is running incorrectly, and a few changes in lifestyle and behavior could help it run smoothly.

Today we’re going to address all of these points and most importantly give you a few tips that could help you achieve higher efficiency levels. Some of these are simple tasks like changing your air filter and turning the thermostat up, and others are calling us to schedule air conditioning repair in Walnut Creek, CA.

Let’s get to it!

Tips for Better Energy Efficiency

We want to start off by saying that we can’t specifically tell you what’s wrong with your air conditioner over the web. This is impossible because, as professionals, we’d need to take a look at your air conditioner before we can make any positive judgments about the performance and condition of your system. All we can do is provide support from the sidelines and give you some tips as to how you should operate your air conditioner and some of the most effective advice about best practices.

Tip #1: Don’t Run the Thermostat Too Low

We know that the hotter it gets, the more tempting it is to turn the thermostat lower. While we understand why homeowners would want to do that, it’s not a very good idea. Your air conditioner can’t reasonably cool air any lower than 20 degrees below the outdoor temperature. If the outdoor temperature is 100°, then you’ll want to set your thermostat no lower than 80°. It will still feel cool inside and as long as it’s not too humid, you should still be able to live comfortably indoors.

Tip #2: Change the Air Filter

The air filter can get inundated with dust, debris, pet dander, pollen, and all sorts of contaminants when your air conditioner runs at the peak of summer. It’s important to change your air filter in accordance with how much you’re using your AC. If you’re running it more because temperatures are high, then it’s perfectly fine to change your air filter more frequently to ensure maximum airflow!

Tip #3: Stay Ahead of the Weather Report

Don’t be surprised by a heatwave or an AC repair. Stay up to date on weather reports, subscribe to weather alerts on your phone, and stay informed about the condition of your AC system. Then, when the heatwave hits, you’ll feel confident that you can handle it!

Tip #4: Call for Prompt Repairs

If you’re nervous about the state of your air conditioner because you think there’s a problem, then the earlier you call for repairs, the better! Our team is available to help you this summer, you just need to get in touch with us.

Tip #5: Utilize Fans and Stay Hydrated

Last but definitely not least, use fans and cold water to stay comfortable and cool in your own home. Hydration is important for personal health, and fans are a great way to lower the temperature by a few degrees so you don’t have to overburden your AC.

It’s time to call Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. for help with your AC.

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