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Why Your Air Conditioner Is Making Strange Noises

air-conditionerWe still have a few weeks of warm weather left before the days start to cool off. You’re probably still using your air conditioner on a fairly regular basis to keep cool during the daylight hours. That means that you still need to be vigilant for any signs that the system is malfunctioning. One of the most obvious signs that the air conditioner is having problems is the presence of strange noises during operation. If your air conditioner is making weird noises, you should call for repairs right away. Have a look at some of the more common noises that indicate a problem below.


The air handler is the part of your air conditioner that circulates air throughout the home while the system is on. Without it, the air conditioner wouldn’t actually be able to cool the home, since it wouldn’t be able to draw air into itself to cool it. Inside the air handler motor are a handful of oiled bearings, which help the part to run more smoothly. These bearings do eventually wear down over years of use, causing friction on the motor to increase. Eventually, the friction on the motor reaches a point where the part begins to make a loud grinding sound during operation. If you hear this sound, you should have a professional examine the system as soon as possible. If you don’t, you may have to replace the motor when it burns out.


Bubbling and hissing noises often mean that you have air bubbles in your refrigerant line. This is caused by a leak somewhere in the line, which is draining the system of the fluid it needs to function. As the refrigerant level in the air conditioner drops, the system’s ability to cool the home will drop as well. Eventually, the air conditioner will not be able to continue operating with so little refrigerant available. It’s important that you have the system repaired before it breaks down entirely. Call for repairs if you see fluid dripping from your system, especially if it’s accompanied by this bubbling sound.

Short Cycling

If your air conditioner is turning itself off before it can complete a full cooling cycle, that’s called short cycling. Short cycling can be caused by a number of issues, the most common of which being an electrical problem in the system. The immediate effect of short cycling is to seriously cut down on the air conditioner’s output capacity. Over a long period of time, the issue can dramatically increase the amount of wear and tear the system suffers. This makes various breakdowns much more likely, and can shorten the lifespan of the system by a number of years. If your air conditioner is short cycling, have it checked out immediately.

Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. offers comprehensive air conditioner repair services in Hayward, CA. If your air conditioner is in need of repairs of any kind, contact us today to schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure that your air conditioning system is able to finish out the year strong.

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