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Springtime AC FAQ

It’s not quite the summer season, which means that our air conditioners aren’t getting the constant use that they will experience in a few months. This is a good thing, because it’s a brief moment where our energy bills are lower and we can actually enjoy the nice weather without feeling miserable from the scorching summer heat. That being said, as much as you don’t want to think about your air conditioner, it’s the best time to. You’ll want to get it maintained and, if necessary, fixed before the summer hits—and believe us, it’s going to hit hard this year!

Do you have burning questions about your air conditioner? Are you a little unclear as to whether or not you need air conditioning repair in Walnut Creek, CA? Then this is the blog post for you. Keep reading as we get into the details of some of our most frequently asked questions.

“What Temperature Should I Set?”

This is an interesting question and we want to give you the best answer we can. Efficiency-wise, setting your thermostat as high as possible is usually going to give you the best results. That’s because your AC doesn’t have to work as hard if it’s only a few degrees below the air temperature outdoors. That being said, nobody wants their home to be 90°, so make sure you balance energy efficiency with comfort.

As a general rule, never run your thermostat more than 20° lower than the temperature outside. Your AC can’t handle that and it’s only going to work harder for the exact same results.

“Do I Really Need AC Maintenance?”

Yes you do! We’re not just saying this to sell you a service, we’re telling you this because every AC owner needs to hear it. Your system will only last through the entirety of its lifespan while running efficiently if it gets maintained every year. The less maintenance you get, the more surprise problems you’ll run into and the higher energy bills you’ll pay.

“Why Are AC Repairs So Expensive?”

This is all relative but we understand the sentiment. AC repairs have definitely gotten expensive over the years, but it’s only because technology has advanced and systems are more energy-efficient and powerful than they used to be. You can’t just quickly tweak an AC system anymore without a license or certification. With higher-tech solutions come more expensive fixes. It’s time homeowners started thinking of their air conditioners as long-term investments.

“Can’t I Fix This Myself?”

No! Don’t try to open your air conditioner up and fix it yourself. It might sound like a good idea that saves money, but it will only lose you money in the long run. You could void your warranty, only fix part of the problem, or even cause more damage by bumping a component or causing the refrigerant to leak. An air conditioner should only be repaired by a qualified professional, no matter how small the fix is. This is a great rule of thumb to follow and we urge all homeowners to think twice before opening their systems up. Our contractors are ready to help you with any AC repair for your Walnut Creek, CA, home!

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