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Should You Start Thinking About End of Season AC Repair Needs?

No, that’s not a typo. It’s still a good idea to think about your air conditioner as the cooling season winds down. Air conditioners require repairs, and it’s going to be very important to take care of these repairs before the cold sets in. We’ve got a plethora of reasons why fall is the perfect time to check-in on the needs of your AC system.

Basically, AC damage can only get worse as it gets colder. But it’s going to be hard to notice this when you’re not paying any attention to your AC in the winter. You’re going to want to make sure that you schedule repairs before they can get worse, in order to maximize the return on your AC investment.

Well, let’s get right into the reasons why fall is the perfect time for AC repairs.

Component Trouble and Nesting Animals

If you’ve got problems with your AC, they could get much worse over the winter. Do you have a small problem with your AC compressor that hasn’t been addressed or repaired? Unfortunately, if you were thinking of storing your air conditioner on its side in an isolated place, this positioning over time could damage the compressor and cause you more problems come next summer. Also, if there are any holes or damaged parts, you’ve got to be careful that animals don’t nest inside of them when the temperatures begin to drop.

Quality Work at Your Convenience

Put simply, it’s easy to perform repairs on your air conditioner in the fall. As temperatures get more average and heaters start turning on, the fact that you’re not depending on your air conditioner makes it easier for a technician to take their time and really give a thorough diagnosis to your AC problems. This is much easier compared to repairs done in the heat of summer.

Peace of Mind

It’s also a good idea to schedule repairs for your air conditioner in fall because you’ll need to store it properly through the winter. Your technician can tell you exactly what to do to keep it in good condition through the California cold season. Most technicians just advise keeping it covered up and the area around it swept clean of debris, but there could be special circumstances in your case that only a trusted technician would be able to tell you. If the location you’re storing your air conditioner is prone to water leaks or slushy snow, that could also prove a major problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Water leaks in the winter can freeze and expand, breaking the components in your AC unit and causing more repairs in the future.

It’s not just convenient for technicians, but scheduling AC repairs in the fall provides peace of mind for homeowners. You won’t have to worry about AC problems coming next year. Also, remember to schedule air conditioning maintenance in San Ramon, CA for next spring!

If you’re looking for fall AC repairs, Call Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. today!

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