The Comfy HVAC June FAQ

June 20th, 2022

While we might spend a majority of our time performing HVAC work like installation and repair, and writing these blogs about proper AC care, we actually spend a lot of time listening as well. Our phone lines are always open, so we talk to members of this community pretty regularly. When some misconceptions arise about AC technology, we can usually tell because of the questions we receive.

Well, what if we answered some of those questions in a way that was easy for many of our readers to access? You don’t need to call our number to learn about this kind of equipment, you can just keep reading and see our answers to some of your most frequently asked questions!

Just remember that your situation is going to be different depending on a lot of factors. You can always get in touch with one of our professionals if you have additional questions about air conditioning in San Ramon.

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The Next BIG Focus for AC Owners

June 6th, 2022

Are you looking to purchase a new air conditioning installation in Livermore, CA? Or perhaps you’re already the owner of one but you’re looking for some local tips on how to run your system better? Well, come one and all, this blog post is a look at the direction we think this industry is headed in, and what’s different about AC systems now vs 10 or 20 years ago.

When air conditioners were first developed, the most important aspect of them was cooling. The cooler an AC could make your home, the better it was. Energy was cheaper back then, so it was just a matter of hooking the system up and getting the most powerful unit on the market.

Now, air conditioners are more than capable of cooling our homes properly. The only difference is our widening carbon emissions and the sheer cost of electricity these days. That’s why things are starting to shift in the HVAC industry, and why efficiency is the next big focus for homeowners.

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3 Things to Remember About AC Repair

May 23rd, 2022

So you’re looking to invest in the repair of your broken system. Good job! Many homeowners try to ignore a bad AC problem in fear that it might cost too much to repair it, or they go on with the notion that they don’t need air conditioning. Well, we commend anyone who looks towards the future and admits that they might need professional AC repair.

However, repairs can be intimidating when homeowners look at the costs and some of the horror stories that come from neighbors or friends signing up with a local amateur. That’s why we’re here to help alleviate your anxiety and make things easier. AC repair in Pleasanton, CA can be simple and effective as long as you prepare for it and choose the right team for the job.

We always make sure to get the job done right for the lowest cost possible. Let’s start by figuring out how you can budget and plan accordingly for your next AC repair.

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Can You Match a Heat Pump With Solar Energy?

May 9th, 2022

The short answer is absolutely! But we’ve got plenty of customers and friends that want to learn more about how these two systems work together. Heat pumps are cooling and heating systems that work to move heat inside or outside of your house depending on the season and comfort preference of the owner. And solar energy systems power all of the appliances in a home using the power of the sun. When you mix both of these units together, you really get something special.

Imagine taking all of the guilt out of running your air conditioning system because it’s being powered by the sun, which is not only free, but eco-friendly? Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Well, today we’re going to talk about the steps you can take to match both of these systems together to ensure that you get the best, most efficient heat pump installation in Walnut Creek, CA.

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Your Thermostat, Your AC, and You

April 25th, 2022

Ever heard the saying good things come in pairs? Well, that’s certainly the case when it comes to your home’s temperature control systems. Thermostats and air conditioners are a dynamic duo designed to maintain your comfort by delivering cool air at your earliest need. Each with their own specific role, these units operate hand in hand to mitigate a variety of outdoor and indoor conditions.

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The Number One Problem With AC Maintenance

April 11th, 2022

We’re going to switch gears today and talk a bit about a lesser-known topic in regards to AC maintenance. We’ve written a lot in the past few years about how important maintenance is, and we can reiterate right now that it’s a vital service for your air conditioner. It’s going to keep your warranty from becoming void, it improves efficiency levels, and it even helps your system run smoothly.

AC maintenance in San Ramon works. It just does! So if you’re on the fence about maintenance, or you’d like to talk to a professional to learn more about it, then you can always get in touch with our team.

However, this blog post is going to focus on a different topic. We want to shine a light on a common problem with AC maintenance that homeowners can easily forget about… until it’s too late!

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Get Your Smoking Furnace Fixed ASAP

March 28th, 2022

Smoke is never something you want to see inside your home. It’s a major disruption, and in pretty much all cases signals trouble. This is certainly the case when it comes to furnaces, where smoke can be a telltale indicator of a problem that needs to be addressed. In most cases, this will have to do with a functional issue, like a broken-down component or overheated system. In this article, we’ll review some of the most common reasons furnaces emit smoke.

Just remember that your home’s safety and comfort should be the highest priorities. Take some time to investigate the air quality and scent of your air and make sure you call a professional when you encounter a smoking furnace. Our team has what it takes to alleviate the problem and keep you safe.

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Is Your Water Heater Properly Insulated?

March 14th, 2022

When it comes to water heaters, insulation is everything. It has a direct impact on the efficiency, cost, and operation of your system. Despite not always coming as standard, can prove to be an extremely beneficial investment. In this article, we’ll review the role of insulation as it pertains to a water heater and the importance of valuing it for yours.

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6 Furnace Terms You Should Know About

February 28th, 2022

Trying to understand your furnace can be a complicated endeavor. There are lots of parts, pieces, and terms to know, each with their own purpose and value. This can make the process of maintaining your home’s heating system less than enjoyable, as it opens the door for confusion and a sense of feeling absolutely overwhelmed.

If you’re sick of hearing all of the industry jargon and not knowing what’s being said, here are six terms you should definitely start learning.

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3 Reasons to Get a Heat Pump Soon

February 14th, 2022

With California rapidly moving along with its transition to solar and electric heating from natural gas, now is a more relevant time than ever to invest in a heat pump for your home’s HVAC system. We’d urge all of our customers to consider more eco-friendly options that take advantage of some of California’s tax and rebate policies. There’s just never been as good a time to invest in solar-powered heat pumps!

The following are just some of the reasons you should consider installing a heat pump on your property.

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