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Humidifier Installation: Don’t Settle for Chronically Dry Air

The official start of fall has come and gone, and although our recent temperatures don’t exactly make that apparent, the drop in humidity levels is a sign that a seasonal change is indeed upon us. With that dry air comes discomfort, and also unhealthy conditions for your home and your family.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this—you don’t have to settle for dry air. Contact us today to learn more about our high quality humidifiers, and in the meantime keep reading to learn about some of the benefits of such a system.

Better Home Comfort

When temperatures are on the warmer side, excess moisture in the air can make us feel hotter than we otherwise would because we aren’t able to sweat to naturally cool down our bodies. But as uncomfortably warm as excess heat makes us feel, too little moisture can actually make us too cold when temperatures cool.

As our temperatures do eventually decrease this fall and winter, we can be left feeling pretty uncomfortable in our homes if our air is too dry. A whole-house humidifier enables you to set the temperature a little lower than you otherwise would in order to save energy, and therefore save money on your utility bills.

Along with feeling warmer in cold temperatures, a humidifier decreases the chances of electric shock. While this phenomenon may have been fun as a kid—remember shocking your little brother or sister after walking across the carpet in socks?—as an adult it’s a little less amusing. A high quality humidifier solves this problem, as humorous as it may (or may not) be.

A Healthier Household

Dry air can cause property damage as wood flooring and furniture in your home can become cracked as it dries out. Additionally, too dry of air contributes to dried out sinus and an increase in cold and flu symptoms as well. If you notice that members of your household are getting sick often you very likely have a humidity problem.

To schedule your Danville, CA humidifier installation, contact Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. today.

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