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Should You Have a Heat Pump Installed?

You have numerous options when it comes to choosing the right heating or cooling system for your home. Naturally, you want to invest in a system that gives you the most for your money, will be highly efficient, and will not eat up all your energy usage.

If you are looking for an alternative to fuel-based heating systems as well as a heating system that will also function as a cooling system, a heat pump is the perfect solution. Keep reading to discover some of the main benefits of a heat pump installation.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of a heat pump is that it’s not just for heating. Heat pump systems use refrigerant in order to move heat from one space to another: outdoors to indoors in the winter and the opposite in the summer time.


If your heat pump system is well-maintained and installed by a professional, then it has the potential to last 15 years or more. This makes the heat pump a very reliable and consistent source of both heating and cooling throughout the years.


As mentioned above, maintenance is important. This is true for any type of HVAC system. Heat pumps require maintenance just like any other system, however less than a combustion heating system. Routine maintenance will ensure that your heat pump is always working at its best throughout its long lifespan.


Heat pumps use minimal electricity in their operation because they don’t generate heat. Rather, they make use of existing heat in the air outside in order to heat homes, and existing heat inside the home to release and provide cooling. The heat pump is able to do this through a heat transfer process that makes it much more efficient than other systems, which can cause your monthly utility bills to go down.

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