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My Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling As It Should

The weather may be cooling down a bit as the end of summer nears, but that doesn’t mean our air conditioners are done doing their jobs quite yet! One of the most common service calls we get during this time of the year is in regards to an AC system that isn’t cooling as well as it should. Below, we’ve covered a couple reasons this may occur.

An AC Unit Can Only Work So Hard

While temperatures as of late have actually been on the cooler side, we’re all well aware of just how hot it can get up here. Think about the periods of time in which you feel like the air coming out of your system was lukewarm.

If temperatures were in the 90s and you have your thermostat set in the 60s to low 70s, chances are that your air conditioner isn’t going to be able to perform. Typically you’ll get the best results when you set the thermostat to less than 20 degrees below what the outside temperature is.

Settling On an Appropriate Temperature

Unless you have a zone control system—which allows you to set different temperatures in the rooms throughout your living space—your family has to decide on a temperature setting. The US Department of Energy recommends keeping your temperature around 78°F as this is typically the average level of comfort for most people.

Even if not 78°, choose the warmest temperature that everyone in your home is comfortable with. This will help your air conditioning system work efficiently and effectively. As a result, you will notice that the air indoors is cooler than that of the outdoors, which shows that your air conditioner is actually function the way it should.

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