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Is a Bigger Air Conditioning System Better?

One of the most frequent types of repair call that we get throughout the summer is from homeowners who say their air conditioner simply isn’t performing up to par. It’s not cooling their home the way it should be, leaving their home uncomfortably warm during the summer days.

Temperatures in our area have already been increasing, and the official start of summer is just a couple short weeks away. So naturally, you want to make sure you have an air conditioner that is able to handle the heat. If you’re thinking of replacing your system this season, you might be tempted to go bigger, thinking this means your AC will perform better.

Why Is This a Mistake?

Other factors can contribute to your system’s inefficiency, such as a loss of refrigerant, a clogged filter, or a number of other problems. However, the size of your system plays a larger role than you may realize. Buying an undersized air conditioner is a mistake as it would not be able to efficiently cool down your home. However, an oversized unit can be just as bad.

A Bigger System Is Not Necessarily Better

If you do need a new air conditioning system, be sure to talk to our HVAC experts so that they can assist you in selecting a new system that is the appropriate size for your home. While the square footage of your home plays a role in finding the right size, there are many other factors that HVAC professionals are trained to look for.

If your air conditioner is too big, then it will supply too much cooling power, which will cause its compressor to shut off and on rapidly—a process called short-cycling. This process wastes your system’s valuable energy and also places unnecessary stress on the compressor and other components of your air conditioner. Eventually, this can lead to the system breaking down early.

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