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Fix Your AC Before the Summer Starts!

Air conditioners need repairs during their lifetime, there’s no getting around that fact. The only thing we can control is when we take care of them and how we can mitigate them when they do arrive. So, in the spirit of keeping the air conditioners in our community in the best condition possible, we’d like to talk about how important it is to get your AC repaired before we start using them in the summer months.

By having your troubled AC addressed now, you’ll do much better as the summer rolls around since you won’t need to contact a technician for emergency support. So, if you’re interested in avoiding emergency AC repair in Oakland, CA and you’d like to nip this in the bud now, take a look below.

AC Problems to Get Checked Out

We often get calls from homeowners that aren’t entirely sure their AC is even having problems to begin with. That’s because homeowners in our area simply don’t know what to look for! If we can help you discover anything wrong with your AC before it’s being used so intensely, then your proactiveness is bound to help.

So, what can you look out for when it comes to springtime AC repairs?

High Energy Bills

First things first, take your old bills receipts from last summer out and take a look at them. Are all the memories of how frustrated you were flooding back? Thankfully, you’re not the only person with high energy bills and this doesn’t have to be the new normal. High energy bills from an air conditioner usually imply that there’s something wrong with the system that’s causing it to run inefficiently. That inefficiency translates to more energy being consumed and more money than you have to pay. Call our team today to have this addressed.

Strange Noises

We know, your AC might take a second to boot up since the last time you used it—but if you notice noises coming from it after it’s started running for more than a few minutes, there’s clearly something wrong. Air conditioners are supposed to run silently in the background, and a noisy system means there’s some serious problem occurring within it. Call a professional to have the problem fixed since that problem could compound into other issues if it’s not quickly taken care of.

Bad Odors

It’s been a while since your AC has been booted up, so it’s probably going to take a little while for all the stale air to be pushed out of your air vents and your AC system. However, if you’re getting bad odors or stale air from your system after running it for hours, then there’s something wrong. Call a professional technician to get to the bottom of it. There could be a critter or something creating a foul odor in your AC system that’s causing it to stink up your house.

If you live in the Oakland, CA, area, definitely make sure you’re getting your AC repair issues addressed before summer sets in. Otherwise, if your AC doesn’t seem to be showing signs of the above issues, you might be in the clear! If you’ve got any questions about the condition of your air conditioner, call our team today.

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