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Water Heaters: Should You Go Tank or Tankless?

There are a few different options when it comes to choosing a water heater to have installed in your home. Gas-powered, electric, tank or tankless. Tankless water heaters have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. But they are not right for every home. Which is right for yours?

Traditional Tank Water Heaters

Standard storage tank water heaters are the conventional choice for a number of homeowners looking to replace or install a new water heater. This type stores continuously heated water in a storage tank for later use. There are a number of benefits to choosing this type of water heater. For example, they are less costly upfront than their tankless counterpart. Plus, their installation tends to be easier.

There are several models of tank water heaters that run on gas, a very affordable fuel option, and the installation of a tank water heater can happen almost anywhere in a building. Tank systems are also compatible with reticulation systems.

Some of the disadvantages of choosing the storage tank water heater include the fact that they are exposed to standby heat loss, they can run out of water during high usage times, and the tanks are larger and take up more space.

Going Tankless

Tankless water heaters heat cold water that passes through them via either a gas burner or electrical element, and then supplies the heated water to the pipes of a building without the use of any type of storage tank. Maintaining a tankless water heater is more cost-effective than maintaining the traditional model, give you more precise temperature control, and also having no tank means that you can save space on your property.

Additionally, the lifespan of a tankless water heater can be up to 3 times longer than that of a tank model, and a tankless system is also more energy efficient. Lastly, tax credits are often available at both the state level and federal level when you have a high-efficiency tankless water heater installed.

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